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Mission completed: the donation for LAS ADELITAS was successfully made

By 26th April 2023May 16th, 2023No Comments3 min read

Thanks to our dear Fatima Bejarano, we made contact with the Mexican farm Las Adelitas, and this partnership reached its primary goal of helping the latter. 

Las Adelitas is a nonprofit feminist organization headquartered in Tenango de Doria, in the state of Hidalgo, whose entire structure is composed of female coffee farmers. This organization produces coffee beans to keep their families afloat. 

I’M NOT A BARISTA wanted to help and empower this farm and its members by raising 500 USD. After four months of enormous efforts, Las Adelitas received the donation. 

How did we reach the goal?

The aim was to raise 500 USD at the World Barista Championship (WBC) in Melbourne, Australia. Still, there were some setbacks: the idea was to offer coffee wristbands to the crowd in exchange for small donations, but the money received wasn’t enough.

At the WBC, the espresso machine company AREMDE and the Barista League gave us a space on their exhibitors to offer the coffee wristbands. 

Goals are achieved as a team!

Special recognition has to be given to two of our volunteers, Tigger and Olgun. Tigger was the one who sold the wristbands at WBC in Melbourne. At the same time, Olgun designed the coffee wristbands, giving them a unique design with the purpose of empowering the women’s movement in the coffee industry.

But our journey didn’t finish here. We couldn’t stop until we completed the mission. We launched our official account on Red (小红书) in China, and thanks to the support of the Chinese coffee community, we received more donations for our coffee wristbands. It was such a blessing to see how much support we received. 

As a global team united by coffee, we can help coffee people, such as producers, baristas, etc. That is involved in the production of a cup of coffee. 

What did Las Adelitas Farm need help with? 

First, plastic tanks for coffee fermentation; second, coffee seedbeds; and finally, training for the specialty coffee procedure. 

The money raised from the coffee wristband donations was used to help Las Adelitas with these three necessities. 

We are happy with the progress made by Las Adelitas, and we hope they keep going and make a difference in their region. 

Thanks to AREMDE, Barista League, Tigger, Olgun, and everyone involved! We invite you to join us and start helping coffee people worldwide because your support is highly appreciated!