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MOMENTEM project update

By 8th May 2023No Comments4 min read

Thank you, as always, for your unending patience. It has been a while since our last update, but we are here to bring you more good news. As everyone embarks on holiday, we finally have time to sit down, brew a cup of coffee, and write you this update.

Manufacturing progress

After signing many contracts and papers, we finally confirmed the pre-production design about two weeks ago. This is a big milestone as it means we won’t have big updates or changes in the pre-production sample unless there are some unexpected problems, but we believe we are pretty good now. We are currently building the pre-production samples, and 80% of the MOMENTEM parts are done, including:

  1. Grinder body: now 1 cm taller than the previous prototype reviewed by Lance Hedrick
  2. Catch cup body, fine receiver, bottom lid.
  3. Aluminum and wooden knobs, crank arm, locking screws.
  4. New 10 mm axles, new design for handling larger driving torque.
  5. Sieve filters, 300–400–600, and a default ring (when you don’t want to use any sieve).
  6. Adjusting rings and the supporting arms and body.
  7. Conical burr houses the main structure of the fine-cutting burr.
  8. All visual super magnets will be color black to match the beautiful MOMENTEM bold back.

grinder parts

In addition, there are many minor updates that you may now see because they are inside the grinder for a better user experience. When the May holiday is over, we will start the oxidation process to get the grinder’s matt black color and surface.


For the best performance in two-step grinding, we will use hardened 440C stainless steel. If you’re a knife or sword lover, you must know that 440C is preferable for sharp edges. It is highly resistant to corrosion and wear, making it suitable for burrs holding an edge. It is also highly durable and strong. We really can’t wait to test the new blades on the MOMENTEM.


For those who are into particle distribution charts, here is the good news you want to hear.

We collaborate with BetterSize, a leading particle size analyzer brand with the most cutting edging technologies in this field. Once our pre-production grinder is ready, we will bring it to BetterSize for some serious testing, and of course, we will give you a small tour of the technology behind the machines. We will do the following tests:

  1. Distribution charts for each burr.
  2. Distribution charts for the dual-burr combo.
  3. Analysis of the shapes of coffee particles and unwanted chaff.

(Do you know why we will do these tests? Let us know in the comments below)

Again, we love to see the MOMENTEM on the distribution chart, but we are more into how adjusting two burrs can affect the final taste in your cup. So stay tuned for more good news.

case 2Leather Case

We believe that all details matter, and the leather case is more than a carrying case for the grinder. That is why we have tried so many designs, inner lining materials, and shaping methods for the grinder you want to use everywhere.

Many grinder companies tend to reduce their production costs by cutting their packaging costs; we do the opposite. The new leather case is slightly wider and shorter than the previous version; it is more elegant, stable, and “comfortable” for the grinder inside. It has more space between them. After testing so many kinds of lining materials, we eventually found the perfect hardness of the EVA we want; it has a good balance of protection and hand feel.