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Viviana Adame

By 27th October 2022No Comments5 min read

“HUMANITY RUNS ON COFFEE.” This phrase has been running around the world, on snapback hats, T-Shirts, hoodies, and now, on coffee wristbands. Viviana Adame’s story is another proof of the tight-knitted-ness of the coffee community. But before we get to Viviana, there’s another name that is essential to this story: Fatima Bejarano.


Viviana Adame coffee story

Viviana Adame picking coffee

I’M NOT A BARISTA created Coffee Wristbands as a simple idea to give back something to all donors and coffee enthusiasts who were head over heels and loved to donate to coffee people in need. This simple idea has gained a lot of traction, and huge results have been received from it. With multiple partners from all over the world, coffee wristbands have benefited the lives of people that didn’t even know I’MNAB existed thanks to the relentless support received from donors worldwide.


One of our partners, Fatima from Mexico, has been selling coffee wristbands in her local coffee shop and at special events for a while. After gathering $100, she decided to donate it to a recent coffee farm she came across while searching for a coffee bean supplier. She stumbled upon Viviana Adame.


Viviana Adame is from the Pacific Coast of Mexico, Guerrero. She is a third-generation coffee farmer and works alongside her father, Faustino Adame. They have been growing coffee for over 50 years. They are a part of the La Pintada Guerrero community, with a population of fewer than 700 people. This name is from the beautiful town of La Pintada in Colombia, where a house-sized petroglyph may be found—hence the name “The Painted (rock).”


Don Faustino learned the trade of coffee farming from his father, the founder of the farm. After being taught selective picking, cleaning, and processing, all of these steps are overseen or done by him, by his own hands. He is a dedicated farmer who takes pride in his work. 


His daughter has taken a huge interest in pushing for better visibility and turning the farm into more of an international producer rather than a local producer. She created an Instagram account and bought new plants for the business. However, more was needed. That’s where Fatima came in.


After meeting Viviana and listening to her coffee story, Fatima decided to dedicate the coffee wristbands donations received to the La Pintada Guerrero farm. She was set to do two things. Firstly, she wanted to assist in registering their brand name. Secondly, she wanted to give them a better understanding of how to sell their coffee directly to roasters to skip the middlemen and get better prices.


According to Fatima,


“I didn’t expect their coffee to be great quality, but on tasting, I realized that I shouldn’t be buying this coffee at a cheap price. ”


Fatima believed the coffee beans produced at La Pintada were worth more than they were sold. She had tasted the coffee made from their beans and was sure that they were being undersold.


She sought a way to help them increase their price for better revenue and returns. Part of the money was used to assist La Pintada in registering its brand name with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), and some of the money will be used to purchase coffee bean sacks for better packaging of the beans.


“The first time they sent me coffee, they sent it in supermarket bags and plastic film wraps”


These seemingly little adjustments have the possibility of helping them triple their prices for the same kilo of coffee beans. A feat that would excite the whole coffee community. Fatima also encouraged diversification into specialty coffee, an even more profitable line.


The La Pintada coffee farm may be limited due to its low volume of production, but through donations and visibility to local coffee roasters, there is a high chance that their superb coffee beans will eventually become an international sensation. With proper care and maintenance, they can produce high-quality and high volume production of coffee beans.


Viviana hopes to modernize the marketing process of the farm. Having pictures of their yields, their farms, and their workers online is definitely a huge step. There’s a lot more coming from Fatima through coffee wristbands.


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