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Gianmarco Ierardi

By 22nd March 2021No Comments5 min read

Italian born barista Gianmarco Ierardi with coffee running through his veins discovered his true calling by travelling far away from the home of coffee to re-discover it.

Gianmarco Ierardi

Gianmarco Ierardi

In a strange turn of events, it wasn’t until Gianmarco Ierardi travelled half-way across the globe to Melbourne that he discovered his true passion for coffee. Founder at Iteist, head barista, coffee trainer to Q Arabica grader Gianmarco has become a coffee pro. Along with his partner, Veronica Bella, this coffee-loving pair have created a platform dedicated to educating and consulting individuals and businesses about coffee.

Their mission: “To make a positive impact by helping individuals and businesses reach their maximum potential and value”. 

Gianmarco explains his purpose in life is to reach their potential by sharing his knowledge and experiences within the coffee community. It is clear that Gianmarco holds a true passion towards coffee and love for the coffee industry. 

When asked about where his love for coffee started Gianmarco reminisced on the cup of coffee that changed it all for him

I was in Melbourne having breakfast at a great cafe where the head barista was also a colleague of mine at another place. I had a single origin from Ethiopia as double espresso, which was a flavor bomb. From that moment coffee has never left my head for a single day.”

Coffee story Gianmarco Ierardi

Gianmarco Ierardi is on the road

A fellow colleague introduced the world of specialty coffee and baristas to Gianmarco Ierardi, he describes how his passion and curiosity led him to a career as a barista. “My curiosity drove me to dive deeper into the world of specialty coffee. Since Melbourne is very competitive within that industry I went back to my own country bought a coffee machine and did lots of studying and practicing until a few months later I went back to Melbourne and after some time landed my first barista job.”

Inspired by what he had learnt and discovered in Melbourne, Gianmarco Ierardi returned home to Italy where he bought his first coffee machine and started studying and practicing making the best brew. A few months later he returned to Melbourne with his newfound knowledge and landed his very first barista job. 

When describing the coffee scene in Melbourne Gianmarco remarks how difficult it was to become a barista there,Specialty coffee scene in Melbourne is really advanced and competition is very high. The biggest challenge was having to do lots of practice, training and study to be able to compete with the standards.” Having experienced the challenge of succeeding and entering the coffee community Gianmarco has made it his mission to educate and inspire others to learn the art of coffee making.

The level of knowledge and professionalism needed to reach high standards is not always recognized and valued as it should be…(in the coffee industry)” Gianmarco says. 

Having acknowledged the competitive nature of the coffee industry he has made it his goal, along with partner Veronica Bella, to educate and consult fellow coffee-lovers who are willing to make the jump and enter the coffee industry. 

Alongside learning and discovering the world of coffee, Gianmarco Ierardi was also discovering the art of video-making and photography. Combining his two new passions Gianmarco used videos as his tool to share the story and art of making a good cup of coffee.

Gianmarco Ierardi with grinder burr

Gianmarco Ierardi is at work

So how do we succeed in the coffee world and what does Gianmarco do to overcome these challenges he is faced with?

I never stop studying and learning, I always try to stay up to date. I try to overcome my fears and exit my comfort zone to grow and be a better person.

Gianmarco Ierardi loves coffee and working in the coffee industry Gianmarco describes that “Success to me is being able to do what I love with who I want whenever I want.” His daily motivation? “The people who I admire. My motivation and ambition to live the life I’ve always wanted and to fight for it.” 

Studying hard and working hard to achieve his goals Gianmarco Ierardi is an inspiration to fellow baristas who strive to perfect the art of coffee making and is a true example of hard work pays off.  It may be difficult at times but with motivation, perseverance you too can jump out of your comfort zone and live your dream. Head over to Iteist to learn more about Gianmarco Ierardi and his partner Veronicas coffee consulting business and speciality coffee. 

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