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coffee entrepreneur

Paola Campana not a barista
Coffee Stories
22nd June 2021

Paola Campana

Paola Campana Italy celebrates a powerful and dedicated entrepreneur. Paola Campana has been the first woman to spread coffee quality culture in Campania and Naples. Paola Campana’s story is one…
gianmarco lerardi cover
Coffee Stories
22nd March 2021

Gianmarco Ierardi

Gianmarco Ierardi In a strange turn of events, it wasn’t until Gianmarco Ierardi travelled half-way across the globe to Melbourne that he discovered his true passion for coffee. Founder at…
Alina Firsova
Coffee Stories
2nd March 2021

Alina Firsova

Alina Firsova thrives to be the best barista she can be despite what people think of her. “In the end, I would like to say - share, do what you…
Jessy Hartman on the road
Coffee Stories
16th February 2021

Jesse Hartman

Jesse Hartman is a triumphant ambassador for the global coffee industry. Perhaps known more typically for his voice, Jesse’s recent notoriety is as host of  The Coffee Podcast, a fantastic…