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Louisa Campbell

Jesse Hartman

Jesse Hartman is a triumphant ambassador for the global coffee industry. Perhaps known more typically for his voice, Jesse’s recent notoriety is as host of  The Coffee Podcast, a fantastic series offering thought provoking conversations with a wide variety of...
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Mbonisi Bamala

Not so long ago Mbonisi Bamala was ignorant to the joy of coffee and clueless of the monumental part it would grow to play in his life. Based in South Africa with Zimbabwean roots, coffee for Mbonisi was a distant...
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Tzanetos Dalietos

Share Share Tweet Share Tzanetos Dalietos is an archetype example of no matter how exceptional the obstacle you face is, you can always bounce back.  In 2019 he experienced a horrific accident that set his career back. However, his mindset...
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Dhan Tamang

Share Share Tweet Share Growing up in village in Nepal, Dhan Tamang had little exposure to the craft behind a good cup of coffee. In Nepal, coffee remains an expensive and luxury good so it wasn’t until Dhan journeyed abroad...
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