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Alina Firsova

By 2nd March 2021No Comments4 min read

Alina Firsova thrives to be the best barista she can be despite what people think of her.

Alina Firsova

“In the end, I would like to say – share, do what you like – and ignore anyone if it really inspires you.”

Meet Alina Firsova, the accomplished barista that believes in her dreams and thrives for success.

Alina Firsova lives in Irkutsk, in the middle of Siberia (Russia) near Lake Baikal. Her Instagram is @firsik_ee.

She’s a bubbly coffee enthusiast, barista, and coffee shop owner of the shop Dose Coffee. It’s an artsy cafe and is deserving of recognition as she worked so hard on getting it in the first place. She has ignored all stereotypes and blockages that stand in her way and has powered on to be the person that she is today.

She became a barista in university when she couldn’t go on a school trip after having an altercation with the dean. She decided to use her interest in coffee to extend her talents for something she loved. She pushed herself everyday so that she could get better with her coffee making skills. She done this until she was confident enough in herself to start making it for others.

She learnt how to make coffee professionally, how to make it from scratch, how to use the machinery and even how to master the coffee art.  Now she spends her days selling coffee, training, and preparing for customers. Alina can make coffee as often as she wants and she’s very proud of how far she has come.

Being a barista is never an easy job, especially as a female barista. Alina faced a lot of criticism and hardships in following her passion because of the numerous stereotypes surrounding baristas and a lot of people would tend to have judgements about a job they don’t understand. However, Alina didn’t let that stop her “do what you like – and ignore anyone if it really inspires you.” She stopped allowing what people thought of her to get to her and made sure that she worked hard to get what she wanted.  

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Alina Firsova is now a happy co-owner of a small coffee space and can confirm that hard work does pay off!

This should be motivation for everyone reading that sometimes things can pay off when you work hard enough and if you have a real passion for something go for it regardless of what everyone else thinks. Your passion alone will get you everything you need and will ultimately give you fulfilment in life.

Through all of this, she was able to meet some of the stars from the movie “A Film About Coffee” in Amsterdam. 

“All the participants in these films, for me they were like Hollywood stars and plus many others coffee people! In fact, I did not believe at all that this was happening in reality, it seemed to me that I myself was in some kind of film.”

She can now keep travelling and keep doing something she loves. This is another thing that encouraged her to keep going because all her desires were coming into action. She was getting everything she ever dreamed of.

When Alina Firsova looks at her coffee shop and remembers everything she has done and been through to get to where she is today. It is proven that choosing a career in the coffee industry was the right choice. She has achieved something big and this acts as a great motivation for the future. This goes to show that people should follow their dreams, even if people might judge them, and with hard work, they will get to where they want to be one day.