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Coffee Stories

Süeda Emir

Gastronomy is the study of food and culture, the skill of preparing and serving rich or delicate and attractive cuisine, regional cooking methods, and the science of excellent eating. How does this relate to coffee? This is  Süeda Emir’s coffee story. Süeda Emir is using Aeropress This is the story…
Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran
17th January 2023
Coffee Stories

Hadija Kulaba

Hadija Kulaba is a barista originally from Uganda, who currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. We asked her what coffee means to her and what it’s like in her country.   She told us she wanted to share her story to empower women who want to work in the…
Mollie Sprigg
24th March 2022
Coffee Stories

Gianmarco Ierardi

Gianmarco Ierardi In a strange turn of events, it wasn’t until Gianmarco Ierardi travelled half-way across the globe to Melbourne that he discovered his true passion for coffee. Founder at Iteist, head barista, coffee trainer to Q Arabica grader Gianmarco has become a coffee pro. Along with his partner, Veronica…
22nd March 2021
Coffee Stories

Josef Mott

At the ripe age of 24, Josef and his friend from Business school paired up to take over a coffee shop in Hemel Hampstead, with absolutely no previous experience within the coffee industry. 10 years on, Josef is now a top roaster and SCA trainer with international barista experience. Josef…
Talia Goury
14th December 2020
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Priscila Pinho

Have you ever seen a cuter image? Probably not. But don’t be fooled by the bandaged smiley face; this woman is tough and has been exposed to some of the worst conditions imaginable in the coffee industry.  Priscila began her coffee journey as naive as the next person. She started…
Madeline and Jennie.
20th September 2020
Coffee Stories

Daniel Horbat

When we talk about commitment and discipline, people outside of the specialty coffee community wouldn’t think these are qualities necessarily attributed to coffee professionals. But it is precise because of such intensity and desire to know more, learn more, DO better, BE better – than some of those pros end…
Ronita Dragomir
25th May 2020

Goat Story joins #brewathome campaign

With the Covid-19 outbreak panic leaving us stuck at home, social media has proven to be a wonderful way to (re)connect with friends, family and even the vibrant community of coffee lovers from all around the world. When we began to work from home because of the current situation, we…
17th May 2020
Coffee Stories

Ronaldo Hurtado

How weird that some of us don’t know how much we’re going to love coffee even if you grow up in favourable surroundings. Of course, family background isn’t enough. To be really good at something, you need to put in the work: learn, train, and focus on what it is…
Ronita Dragomir
11th May 2020