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Ronita Dragomir

Simone Guidi
Coffee Stories
7th July 2020

Simone Guidi

Simone Guidi’s story began back in 2010 when he was working as a bartender and had a customer who asked him for a cappuccino. It was then, he admits, that…
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Coffee Stories
1st July 2020

Smayah Uwajeneza

Recently we talked to Smayah Uwajeneza, the ‘18 East Africa Aeropress champion. Regarding the current global BLM, Smayah has her own thoughts about it. As a hardworking barista from Rwanda…
Ariele guaschino Milan coffee festival 2018
Coffee Stories
8th June 2020

Ariele Guaschino

Ariele Guaschino is a multi-talented coffee man. Being Italian and living in Milan he thought it would be a good idea to found a café that only served specialty coffees;…
Mahsa Niyayesh iamnotabarista coffeestory
Coffee Stories
1st June 2020

Mahsa Niyayesh

“For more than a century, Iranian women have worked for change and fought for their freedom. Under the system in place in the Islamic Republic, however, they continue to face…
Daniel Horbat coffeestory iamnotabarista
Coffee Stories
25th May 2020

Daniel Horbat

When we talk about commitment and discipline, people outside of the specialty coffee community wouldn’t think these are qualities necessarily attributed to coffee professionals. But it is precise because of…
Coffee Stories
11th May 2020

Ronaldo Hurtado

How weird that some of us don’t know how much we’re going to love coffee even if you grow up in favourable surroundings. Of course, family background isn’t enough. To…
rob iamnotabarista
Coffee Stories
25th April 2020

Rob Clarijs

The world can sometimes seem scary, especially lately, on that I'm sure we can all agree. So finding inspiration and courage might sound challenging. It isn't really. The trick is…