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A Sneak Preview at MOMENTEM: A Dual-Burr Handgrinder by I’M NOT A BARISTA

By 8th December 2021July 11th, 2022No Comments4 min read

Experience the power of two burr sets in the new MOMENTEM manual coffee grinder designed by I’M NOT A BARISTA

SHERIDAN, WYOMING (December 8, 2021) –  Following the overwhelming success of I’M NOT A BARISTA’s Brewing Guide launch on Kickstarter, the not-for-profit organization is back with a new crowdfunding project for coffee lovers around the world. MOMENTEM is the first-ever manual grinder that features two burr sets for multi-step coffee grinding, streamlining the handgrinding experience and revolutionizing the coffee tools industry with a design that pushes every boundary of coffee engineering. 

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MOMENTEM coffee hand grinder

There is so much innovation happening in coffee, but it’s been a while since baristas have seen a groundbreaking pivot in the technology behind manual grinding. In this new project, I’M NOT A BARISTA is encouraging product designers, professional baristas, and home brewers alike to rethink what’s possible and apply new techniques in order to achieve new possibilities in our daily cup of coffee. 

The idea behind the MOMENTEM grinder was inspired by the theories surrounding multi-step grinding and catalyzed by the goal to start a conversation about handgrinder design. Multi-step grinding, as explored by barista champions, researchers, and important influencers in the world of coffee, has the potential to yield extraordinary results in cup profiles, but the technique held high barriers of accessibility due to how much time and effort it took to grind coffee twice.

I’M NOT A BARISTA’s solution was to incorporate two burr sets – 38mm and 48mm – into the body of MOMENTEM’s sleek silhouette. The first burr set cuts coffee beans into smaller pieces before dropping down into the second burr set, which grinds the pieces into the target grind size. Both burr sets are fully adjustable with step-based adjustment rings, giving brewers full control over their grinding experience. But the innovations don’t stop there.

The design team behind MOMENTEM have pushed every feature to the limit with careful consideration for its end user – the coffee lover. I’M NOT A BARISTA’s mission is to celebrate the people behind the cup, and offer effective solutions to the challenges they face in the coffee industry. That’s why MOMENTEM’s benefits include added ergonomic comfort, a counterclockwise system for left-handed users, a built-in coffee grind sifter, and so much more. Stay tuned for more mind-blowing details that will transform the handgrinding experience into something totally new.

MOMENTEM will launch on Indiegogo in January 2022, and newsletter subscribers at will be the first to know when Super Early Bird deals at a 40% discount off the retail price will be available. I’M NOT A BARISTA encourages everyone to support the project, and through MOMENTEM, support the global coffee community, because humanity runs on coffee and together, we can empower all the people behind every cup.


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