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Espresso is the most unforgiving form of coffee with multiple variables that complicate the process. Information is available on the internet which allows someone new to espresso to learn how to get a decent shot. However, to go from good to the best is more ambiguous.


Robert McKeon Aloe's book:Engineering Better Espresso: Data Driven Coffee

Engineering Better Espresso: Data Driven Coffee

Last weekend, we invited Robert McKeon Aloe, the author of the new coffee book Engineering Better Espresso: Data Driven Coffee to our podcast. His book got fully funded on Kickstarter in just 7 hours, and soon got featured as “Project we love”. Robert is a data scientist, senior engineer at the biggest fruit company Apple, and he is not a barista.

If you love espresso, make sure to check out our latest episode and get to know Robert and his coffee book.

People think you have to upgrade coffee equipment for better espresso. Better equipment will improve your espresso, but it isn’t the only thing. There are plenty of cheaper ways and methods to improve espresso that can be done incrementally. I wrote a book about improving espresso by incrementally improving each variable of the process using data science with the aim to help every espresso drinker regardless of their home or professional setup.