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Coffee Stories

Melissa Stinson EVERYBODY'S BUSYCoffee Stories

Melissa Stinson

In the bustling heart of Chicago, amidst the historic streets of the Pilsen neighborhood, an unassuming sanctuary stands out – not by its grandeur, but by its soul. It's a space that boldly claims, “EVERYBODY'S BUSY”. But is everybody truly? Melissa Stinson, an entrepreneurial spirit, challenges this very notion through…
9th September 2023
Jin MumaMooCoffee Stories


Meet Jin: A Coffee Enthusiast Taking China's Coffee Culture to New Heights Get ready to step onto the aromatic grounds of Chinese coffee culture with Jin, the creative force behind MumaMoo. This brand is not just a name; it is a journey into the heart of coffee culture in China. With his tantalizing Chinese-language…
30th August 2023
Vardhman JainCoffee Stories

Vardhman Jain

From Kitchen Dreams to Bottled Brilliance, let’s take a look at Vardhman Jain's Cold Brew journey. This is his coffee story.   In the vibrant landscape of India's coffee culture, Vardhman Jain stands as a coffee entrepreneur and the visionary creator behind his own brand. From humble beginnings, where the…
Andrew Fiel
21st August 2023
Nadia ParkCoffee Stories

Nadia Park

“I just didn't want to make educational content. I never won (or participated in) a Brewer's or Barista’s Championship, so I had no visible credibility. And as much as I would like to explain things, I think those are for others. For me, it was more about how I can…
Puja Thapaliya Female Barista from NepalCoffee Stories

Puja Thapaliya

Puja Thapaliya stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and hard work. Most importantly, Puja aspires to inspire women globally, particularly those who hail from Asian countries where prevailing stereotypes suggest that women lack the ability to stand alongside men. Puja proudly bears the title of the…
26th July 2023
Timur LyapinCoffee Stories

Timur Lyapin

Coffee breaks the barriers of distance as we explore the coffee life of Timur Lyapin in Azerbaijan. This is his coffee story. Timur’s home of Azerbaijan, a country situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, boasts a fascinating blend of cultures, traditions, and landscapes. Nestled between the Caspian Sea…
Andrew Fiel
21st July 2023
Ewa MalickaCoffee Stories

Ewa Malicka

When most people think about touring different countries, they think of the landmarks, heritage sites, and tourist destinations deemed fit by people all over the world. Today’s coffee story introduces Ewa Malicka, who loves to tour countries, not for sightseeing but to experience coffee and coffee shops in place of…
Song hangyueCoffee Stories

Hanyue Song

The Coffee Wristbands program showcases the unique designs of creatives within the coffee community, all while giving back to the coffee world. Today, we take a look at one of the designers behind the latest wristband design, Hanyue Song. This is her coffee story. Hanyue Song In the vibrant world…
Andrew Fiel
26th June 2023
Coffee Stories

Yue Yu

Product power all the way   How does an industrial designer go from designing mobile phones to launching the most successful Kickstarter project in coffee history? Yue Yu, self-styled “Fish” because his surname is a homonym in Chinese for the aquatic vertebrate, is the Co-Founder and Design Director of TIMEMORE,…
Tigger Chaturabul
19th June 2023
Kiah ParangueCoffee Stories

Kiah Parangue

Everyone loves backstage passes; getting the opportunity to see behind the scenes and being part of the structure of events. Being backstage is not always what it claims to be, as it could be more than glamour, but a desire wanting to be achieved. This is Kiah Parangue’s coffee story.…