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Coffee Stories

Coffee Stories

George Makropoulos

In the world of coffee, George Makropoulos stands out as an inspiring figure. This Greek coffee professional has dedicated his life not only to mastering the art and science of coffee but also to passing on his knowledge and passion to a new generation of coffee experts.   George Makropoulos…
19th February 2024
Kunal ShethKunal ShethCoffee Stories

Kunal Sheth

In the vibrant world of coffee entrepreneurship, Kunal Sheth, an ambitious and passionate coffee lover from India, defied the odds to create a thriving specialty coffee culture in his region. From humble beginnings in a small town to challenging the norms in Mumbai, Kunal's journey is a testament to his…
19th February 2024
Mertkan Kılıçcı barista roaster TurkeyCoffee Stories

Mertkan Kılıçcı

Mertkan Kılıçcı's story is a journey of passion transcending the bounds of a typical career path. It begins in the classrooms of an engineering college in Turkey, where Mertkan, a student of mechanical engineering, grapples with a profession he respects but doesn't love. His true calling whispers to him not…
Sinan Genc
30th January 2024
Coffee Stories

Alejandro Lozano

At 44, Alejandro Lozano, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of baristas worldwide. In a world where age often dictates career trajectories, Alejandro's story diverges from the norm. A pianist by training, his shift to the bustling world of coffee in Monterrey, Mexico, mirrors the lives of many…
11th January 2024
Xiao xia, Reshine in ChinaCoffee Stories

Xiao Xia

In the bustling lanes of Shenyang, China, where specialty coffee is still blossoming, Xiao Xia stands as a testament to what female entrepreneurs can achieve in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Her story is not just about the aromatic allure of coffee but about a resilient journey marked by passion, innovation,…
31st December 2023
Haroon ZafarCoffee Stories

Haroon Zafar

Haroon Zafar's Coffee Canvas: Brewing, Creating, and Connecting. In the fascinating realm of coffee aficionados and content creators, Haroon Zafar emerged as a captivating figure, weaving a narrative that transcends the boundaries of coffee, anime, and a mosaic of personal passions. Haroon's journey, illuminated through the lens of our podcast,…
Vasileia Fanarioti
2nd December 2023
Catherine Gu 顾娘娘Coffee Stories

Catherine Gu

In the world of coffee, where the aroma of freshly ground beans can tell a story of passion and dedication, Catherine Gu, known affectionately as Empress Gu in the coffee community in China, stands out not just as a connoisseur but as a beacon for all who cherish the humble…
8th November 2023
Dara SantanaCoffee Stories

Dara Santana

BEHIND “DART CAFFEINE”: DISCOVERING COFFEE THROUGH THE SENSES OF A CHEMICAL ENGINEER AND HER IMPACT ON WATER QUALITY DEVELOPMENT FOR COFFEE. THIS IS THE STORY OF DARA SANTANA. Dara Santana Whoever said chemistry is essential for falling in love and crucial in a relationship was not wrong. And Dara Santana,…
Khairullah AnuarCoffee Stories

Khairullah Anuar

Khai, as he warmly insists to be called, radiates an aura of humble ambition. Khairullah Anuar, originally hailing from Malaysia, today he calls Singapore his home. Here, within the bustling streets and aromatic cafes, he stands tall as an Academy Trainer and Quality Assurance professional. But every story has its…
10th October 2023
Jeremy Zhang, Founder of M2MCoffee Stories

Jeremy Zhang

In the bustling realm of China's coffee industry, a name echoes with admiration and respect – Jeremy Zhang, fondly known as "Captain" by those who have sailed with him through the evolving waves of the specialty coffee scene. His journey permeated with a rich aroma of diligence, innovation, and genuine…
1st October 2023