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Alejandro Lozano

By 11th January 2024No Comments3 min read

At 44, Alejandro Lozano, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of baristas worldwide. In a world where age often dictates career trajectories, Alejandro’s story diverges from the norm. A pianist by training, his shift to the bustling world of coffee in Monterrey, Mexico, mirrors the lives of many baristas who find their calling in coffee during their college days. Yet, unlike most, Alejandro’s journey began later in life, trading piano keys for coffee beans.



In Mexico, like in many countries, baristas are often undervalued. Alejandro’s experience reflects a broader narrative where passion for coffee seldom aligns with financial rewards. Despite the long hours and meager pay, Alejandro’s devotion never wavered. His monthly earnings as a barista barely reached $250, a figure overshadowed by his musical earnings but compensated by his love for coffee.

Alejandro’s transition wasn’t just a career change; it was a lifestyle overhaul. Balancing late-night gigs as a musician with early mornings at the coffee shop, his days were a whirlwind of sleepless hours fueled by a love for both arts. This dual life symbolized the sensory connection he found between music and coffee – both requiring a fine-tuned sense of detail and creativity.

Yet, the life of a barista in Mexico is fraught with challenges. The meager pay necessitates multiple jobs for a decent living, a reality Alejandro knows too well. It’s a common thread in the narratives of baristas globally – a tale of dedication in the face of adversity.

Alejandro’s competitive spirit led him to national barista competitions, a platform where he showcased his skills and passion. However, these competitions brought their own set of challenges. Sponsorship, a crucial element for success, was hard to come by without established recognition. In his own words,

“You must work hard, it is a thing you need to do in Mexico. “

Despite these hurdles, Alejandro persevered. His recent participation in a national competition opened new doors. Recognized for his skill and dedication, he was offered a job in Baja California, Ensenada – an opportunity that promised a new beginning. Alejandro looks forward to this new chapter with optimism, ready to embrace the challenges and joys it brings.

Alejandro’s story is a beacon of hope for baristas worldwide. It underlines a universal truth in the coffee industry: passion often outweighs financial gain. As he prepares for his next competition, his journey resonates with many in the coffee community. His advice to young baristas is poignant:

“Do the things you love, with passion, not always for the money. Good things happen when you do what you truly love.”

As Alejandro Lozano steps into his new role in Ensenada, his story is far from over. It continues to inspire, reminding us that age is but a number and passion is the true driver of success. The coffee community eagerly awaits his return to the competition stage next year, rooting for a man whose life embodies the essence of perseverance and love for coffee. In Alex’s words and life, the message is clear: don’t give up, keep grinding.