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Deepika Gowda

By 5th June 2023June 26th, 2023No Comments4 min read

The Coffee Wristbands program showcases the unique designs of creatives within the coffee community, all while giving back to the coffee world. Today, we take a look at one of the designers behind the latest wristband design, Deepika Gowda. This is her coffee story.

Deepika Gowda

Deepika Gowda

From practicing law to practicing coffee, Deepika’s coffee journey is one of intentionality and perseverance. After a layoff as a lawyer, Deepika found herself yearning for something more fulfilling. The thought of re-entering the corporate world and going through the tedious job-hunting process was unappealing. It was during this period of soul-searching that the idea of opening a coffee shop took root. Deepika and her husband saw an opportunity to pursue their shared passion for coffee while also creating a unique experience for the local community.


“The specialty coffee in India is evolving.”


Specialty coffee in India is truly a blossoming culture. India has a rich tea-drinking culture, but the concept of specialty coffee shops was relatively new in the country. Deepika delved into the history of coffee in India and discovered a growing interest among the younger generation. She noticed a rising trend of specialty coffee shops outside of the usual metropolitan area. However, Deepika aimed to bring a touch of uniqueness to her coffee shop by embracing traditional brewing methods combined with modern techniques.


“Classic cold coffee and coffee tonic are very popular drinks of ours.”


Deepika’s journey into the world of coffee began when she had a chance encounter with a passionate barista. Intrigued by his enthusiasm and vast knowledge of coffee, she struck up a conversation and was introduced to the concept of siphoning brewing. This innovative brewing method, which involved using a vacuum coffee maker, fascinated Deepika and marked the beginning of her coffee odyssey. She immersed herself in the art of brewing and coffee appreciation, experimenting with different beans, roasts, and brewing techniques.


“The colors on the hands and palms represent the Alta pigment used in a decorative way for Indian classical dancers.”


Deeply rooted in Deepika’s upbringing is the memory of her mother, aunt, and grandmother using the traditional Mysore filter for brewing coffee. In this brewing method, the hands become the canvas for creativity and self-expression. Just as classical Indian dancers use Alta to adorn their hands and elevate their performances, coffee lovers elevate their brewing rituals by embracing the beauty of colored designs through this wristband design. It celebrates the artistry that coffee brings into our lives, transforming a simple act into a captivating spectacle.

Deepika Gowda‘s wristband design

Outside of the Bean Theory Coffee Shop, Deepika Gowda finds herself in another scene of coffee, but with a creative twist. Driven by a desire to demystify coffee for others, Deepika embraced her role as a coffee content creator. Through her social media presence (Instagram), she aims to make the world of coffee more accessible and less intimidating for coffee enthusiasts and novices alike. Her engaging content covers topics ranging from brewing methods and equipment to creative graphics for the Aeropress Championship posters. Deepika Gowda’s passion for education and her infectious enthusiasm have gained her a loyal following of coffee lovers eager to learn and explore the world of specialty coffee alongside her.

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