Broken Gooseneck

If you are an Origami/Comandante/Kinu grinder fan, here is the great news just for you. ⠀

We team up with BrokenGooseneck @broken.gooseneck and give away 3 Goosebags to make your #brewathome experience fun, colorful, and special. Each set of Goosebag contains:⠀

1 x ROSA + ⠀
1 x QUADx/Popo Korn + ⠀
Non Woven Fabric Filter + ⠀
Broken Gooseneck exclusive stickers. ⠀

“Many specialty producers pick them by hand using a system called “strip-picking,” in which only the ripe cherries are collected. This ensures better flavors in the final cup. I love my Ethiopian beans ”

___orangawam#brewathome fan