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Arsenij Kuznetsov Champion
Coffee Giveaway

The World Roasting Champion

It took 15 years of hard work and perseverance for Arsenij to be crowned the World Coffee Roasting Champion in 2019. Now you have a chance to WIN this coffee, we team up with Gravitas and giveaway 9 full bags of 250G champion coffee roasted by Arsenij. Click the button below to join the giveaway Now.

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We hope you always win. If you don’t feel like lucky this time, or can’t wait to try The World Roasting Champion coffee, Grativatas also offers a one-week only limited offer with a 32% discount with code brewathome. One weekly only, hurry up.

*Their English website is still under construction, use Google Chrome to translate the web while shopping. 

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Zoom party

Let's #brewathome together with Aeropress

We will meet up again this Saturday and learn about Rwanda coffee from SCA educator, ‘18 E.Africa Aeropress champion- Smayah Uwajeneza. From beans to cups, the World Coffee Roasting Champion 2019 Arsenij Kuznetsov also wants to share his roasting tips and favorite Aeropress recipe. 

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When looking at a cup of coffee, it’s easy to overlook the number of people that were involved in the making of your morning beverage. Those working within the coffee community tend to focus solely on building relationships between suppliers and farmers and fail to support baristas’ craftsmanship.

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