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Carmela Maresca

By 19th February 2021March 19th, 2021No Comments4 min read

Carmela Maresca, apart from working at Cinque Sensi bar, is also a trainer at The Latte Art Grading System and Vice President of Maestri Dell Espresso. She currently lives in Pozzuoli, in the province of Naples, Italy. 

Apart from working at Cinque Sensi bar, Carmela Maresca is also a trainer at The Latte Art Grading System and Vice President of Maestri Dell Espresso. She currently lives in Pozzuoli, in the province of Naples, Italy.

“Many baristas, but specially roasters, are starting to have a more professional attitude towards Coffee. Most of them try to maintain the Neapolitan tradition while adding the innovation factor.”

Carmela Maresca

Carmela Maresca enjoys her latte

Carmela says that the goal in Naples is to have the final consumer understand where the Coffee comes from, the value a cup of Coffee has, and what it took to get it into their hands.

Carmela first started making Coffee in the neighborhood bars. She went through many sacrifices to pay for her first coffee course, which she loved. Days off, holidays, and new clothes were forgotten for her to save enough money to continue with her coffee education. She then took another course at the AICAF (Italian Academy Masters Coffee), and after, she got certified by the SCA.

One of her favorite memories involving Coffee was when she had her first Coffee back in 2014. She had made it herself in a classical Napolitan machine. She was hooked ever since. “The years have passed since I took my first coffee course. My experience has increased, and so has the desire to grow, know more and improve.”

Coffee has been home for her for many years, much so that she has a room in her house where she keeps all her books about Coffee, an espresso machine where she practices her latte art as well as different methods of extraction, and coffees from several regions for her to try.

Carmela cover

Carmela is preparing for a coffee latte

“Being away from coffee is not a part of me.”

Carmela’s favorite part of the day is early in the morning when she prepares breakfast, donuts, and croissants to pamper her customers. She loves to make her clients feel at home by offering a coffee that has been made with the right equipment and techniques. She also loves doing maintenance on her equipment, cleaning the grinder and the machine, and understanding the quality of water so that the Coffee can be extracted perfectly.

The moment that stands out more to her throughout her coffee career is when she delivered Coffee to all her loyal customers through the alleys of Naples. “Whenever I have an idea, it tends to stick with me. I always heard a voice. That voice guided me to take a path involving Coffee to teach that world to others.

It is a path that has involved many sacrifices, but I have accepted that. I love my world of Coffee.” However, the biggest challenge she has faced was to believe in herself and have others trust her knowledge. She says she gets a lot of prejudice because she is a woman. Due to COVID, Carmela now faces another challenge with all the restrictions both restaurants and bars have. “I read a lot. I always keep myself updated in order to keep up with Coffee since it’s something that is constantly evolving.

Carmela prefers espressos and an excellent cold drip in summer, but she loves all coffees the same. She tends to choose blends with a higher percentage of Arabica beans due to their balance of sweet and acidic notes. “Baristas are like scientists. It is up to us to discover the best way to make coffee with the tools that have been given to us.”

“Coffee takes everything from me. Most people wouldn’t understand the sacrifices I have made, especially friends and family. I have chosen to work during holidays, to cut my expenses to keep on learning. However, I feel like Coffee gives me back a lot. It gives me the smile of a satisfied customer, the desire to be better and the push to keep learning.”

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