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Barista Archives - Page 6 Of 6 - I'M NOT A BARISTA

Rob Clarijs

The world can sometimes seem scary, especially lately, on that I'm sure we can all agree. So finding inspiration and courage might sound challenging. It isn't really. The trick is to look around you. There's so many people out there...
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Remy Molina

I'm 26 years old, and I'm a professional Barista. Around 3 years ago, I started working for the Specialty Coffee Association of Costa Rica, giving the Barista courses, something I love to do cause I'm helping to form future coffee...
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Catalina Gutierrez Ortiz

My name is Catalina Gutierrez Ortiz, and this is my coffee story. Catalina Gutierrez Ortiz I am from Colombia, living in London and Bogotá. Every Colombian is incredibly proud of being from a coffee-producing country. However, Colombian coffee consumed abroad...
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Stathis Koremtas

I started working in local coffee shops in 2003 just after I graduated high school, to support myself during my time at university. I kept working as a barista for some time after my graduation as I was looking for...
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Łukasz Gałęcki

Łukasz Gałęcki How did you end up with coffee? I reached a moment when I realized the jobs I did so far (marketing and corporate) just made my life utterly stressful, and I didn’t want to get a heart attack...
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Shayli Mosalli

At 25, she is the first female coffee roaster in Iran, although her journey towards this accomplishment started inside laboratories. In fact, unlike most other coffee lovers, she has traveled from the intricate science of coffee to the deep love...
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Valentina Palange

My name is Valentina Palange, and this is my coffee story. " I'm a coffee blogger in Milan Italy, and dream is to spread and drive the specialty coffee culture growth in Italy and talk about coffee all my life."...
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Barista Tzanetos

Help a barista now Humanity runs on coffee, and let’s help a barista now. Tzanetos Dalietos is a young barista who will compete in the Hellelic Brewers Cup at HORECA Expo on 7-10th. Feb 2020. Last year an accident left...
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