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Coffee Stories

Orkun Üstel

Award winning Turkish barista, Orkun Ustel tells us how he fell into the coffee industry by happy accident. Two-time winner of the Brewers Cup Champion of Turkey and professional barista trainer, Orkun always loved coffee. He is always experimenting and…
Chloe Lovatt
27th November 2020
Coffee Stories

Berenice Cortés

Having studied administration at high school,  Berenice Cortés turned away from following a career in her field of study after taking inspiration from her mother, who had been working with coffee for many years. “At first I did not know what…
Josef Mott
25th November 2020
Coffee Stories

Evgeny Starikov

Evgeny Starikov's stepping-stone to the coffee industry was when he began working for Simple Coffee, a Russian coffee chain in Yekaterinburg. Evgeny wasn’t particularly fond of coffee at the time, but found himself in awe of the nice shirts the Simple…
Talia Goury
23rd November 2020
Coffee Stories

Margarita Amelina

“Coffee isn’t just a transaction but an expression of personal desire.” Маргарита Амелина is brewing with Aeropress If someone likes coffee with milk, then cappuccinos are always a great idea – it’s all based on personal preference. When it comes…
Talia Goury
8th November 2020
Coffee Stories

Tzanetos Dalietos

Tzanetos Dalietos is an archetype example of no matter how exceptional the obstacle you face is, you can always bounce back.  In 2019 he experienced a horrific accident that set his career back. However, his mindset persisted and despite not…
Louisa Campbell
5th November 2020
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Hrishi Mohite

First a Computer Engineer. Then, a McDonald’s Crew Member. Now, a Specialty Coffee Roaster. My name is Hrishi Mohite, and this is my Coffee Story. Hrishi Mohite All Hrishi wanted was to fill his time after college with a part-time job.…
Sean Yew.
2nd November 2020
Coffee Stories

Dhan Tamang

Growing up in village in Nepal, Dhan Tamang had little exposure to the craft behind a good cup of coffee. In Nepal, coffee remains an expensive and luxury good so it wasn’t until Dhan journeyed abroad to Kuwait that he…
Louisa Campbell
22nd October 2020
Coffee Stories

Yann Ramírez

From Washing dishes to being allured by the aromas of Specialty Coffee to performing in a barista Championship. This is my story. Yann needed to pay her way through university. She earned a dishwasher job in a cafe then took…
23rd August 2020
Coffee Stories

Irina Sharipova

My name is Irina, The coffee guru: competitor, judge, trainer, a Q grader, and even traveled to Origin. This is my Story.   Irina Sharipova El Salvador was the coffee that really switched Irina into Competition mode. The Flavours, acidity,…
Darren Meachem
14th August 2020