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Coffee Stories

Binny Varghese

Some people are coffee lovers, coffee connoisseurs, or coffee nerds; Binny Varghese is a coffee warrior. He’s known as “the barista on a bike” throughout India because in 2017, he convinced his then boss to let him tour the country…
Tigger Chaturabul
18th February 2021
Coffee Stories

Aylin Ölcer

She fell in love with her city’s coffee scene. In three years, Aylin Ölcer became the German national barista champion.Aylin’s journey into coffee can be described as sweet serendipity. Fresh out of university in 2016 with a business degree, the…
Zed Wong
8th February 2021
Coffee Stories

Mbonisi Bamala

Not so long ago Mbonisi Bamala was ignorant to the joy of coffee and clueless of the monumental part it would grow to play in his life. Based in South Africa with Zimbabwean roots, coffee for Mbonisi was a distant…
Louisa Campbell
28th January 2021
Coffee Stories

Ali Hasnain

“Since childhood, all I knew was ‘be an engineer’; ‘be a doctor’. Those were the only acceptable paths set out for us. To this day, my father doesn’t know what Coffee truly is. Everyone is still stuck on tea.” Growing up in…
Talia Goury
20th January 2021
Coffee Stories

Paul Istrate

Paul Istrate’s coffee story started in 2014 when he began working in the breakfast bar of a hotel in Brasov, Romania. A colleague asked him to take on the responsibility of making the bosses’ morning coffees. After getting the hang…
Chloe Lovatt
1st January 2021
Coffee Stories

Şahin Demirbaş

Everyone has a particular object in their lives that holds a lot of meaning for them. For some, it may be something that a loved one gave them, or a special item that commemorates a special day. Şahin Demirbaş is…
Paul Wong
18th December 2020
Coffee Stories

Josef Mott

At the ripe age of 24, Josef and his friend from Business school paired up to take over a coffee shop in Hemel Hampstead, with absolutely no previous experience within the coffee industry. 10 years on, Josef is now a…
Talia Goury
14th December 2020
Coffee Stories

Sarah Hanaway

“Every year that I have competed, I set myself the simple goal of doing better than last time and to have come away learning something.” Sarah Hanaway, photo by Harris Competing can be an invaluable learning experience and Sarah is…
Vasileia Fanarioti 
7th December 2020
Coffee Stories

Anish Kale

Not everyone holds a special, fond memory over their first cup of coffee. For some of us, it was just another cup of 'alright. However, this was not the case for Anish Kale. Anish Kale When Anish was studying at…
Katie Rees
7th December 2020
Coffee Stories

Ahmed Hawi

Growing up in a village 100 km away from Beirut, Lebanon, coffee was considered an essential, in Ahmed Hawi’s family home. No matter the hour, coffee was always what gathered the family together. Ahmed Hawi Ahmed Hawi’s coffee journey finds…
Talia Goury
1st December 2020