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Farnood KhodaeiCoffee Stories

Farnood Khodaei

In the heart of Iran, a nation with ancient and culturally rich terrains, is a tale of dedication, challenges, and an unyielding passion for coffee. This is the journey of Farnood Khodaei, who transformed life's hurdles into stepping stones, emerging as an inspiration for countless aspiring coffee professionals. Farnood Khodaei…
18th September 2023
Darren Meachem - The first Water Sommelier in AustraliaArticlesPodcast

S3E6: Meet Darren Meachem, the first Water Sommelier in Australia

“Coffee paired with the right glass of water will dramatically change your experience…” From tasting his first Ethiopian – washed coffee to placing second in 2019’s Australian Northern regional World Aeropress Championship, Darren Meachem’s journey through coffee goes deep. If you're a coffee aficionado or simply curious about the fascinating…
6th June 2023
Mohammad Hassan SaeediCoffee Stories

Mohammad Hassan Saeedi

Most coffee stories begin on a high note. Mohammad Hassan Saeedi's coffee story begins with a much more complicated note. It begins with an opportunity to love. No, not love for a cup of coffee, but the opportunity to win the woman he loved.   Mohammad Hassan Saeedi Mohammad Hassan…
Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran
5th October 2022
Coffee Stories

Bhopal Brewing Club

Recently we had a special interview with the three founders of Bhopal Brewing Club. How did a sailor, photographer and strategy consultant team up to make a positive impact in the Indian coffee community?    The Creation of Bhopal Brewing Club When Navneet and Arun returned from the AeroPress Championship…
Mollie Sprigg
17th May 2022
Coffee Stories

Shubham Ambre

Shubham Ambre is a coffee lover that has a passion for experimenting. As a specialty roaster from India, he strives to produce the best cups of coffee. This is his coffee story.    How does one decide to become a barista in the land of tea? India is known for…
Mollie Sprigg
4th May 2022
Levent OncuCoffee Stories

Levent Öncü

From aeronautical engineering to coffee social media creator, this is Levent Öncü’s story. We recently spoke to Levent Oncu on the I’M NOT A BARISTA Podcast. Levent began his story in Turkey as an aeronautical engineer and home barista. He has been brewing coffee since 2010, achieving his PhD and working…
Mollie Sprigg
13th April 2022
barista storyCoffee Stories

Wendelien van Bunnik

Snobby baristas make Wendelien van Bunnik nervous. That might be because she’s just about as welcoming, enthusiastic, and encouraging as they come.  Wendelien van Bunnik Despite winning one world and two Dutch national championships in a single year, Wendelien continues to expand her coffee journey with an unwavering appetite to learn more. Not…
Tigger Chaturabul
21st April 2021
Coffee Stories

Ali Hasnain

My name is Ali Hasnain, and this is my coffee story. “Since childhood, all I knew was ‘be an engineer’; ‘be a doctor’. Those were the only acceptable paths set out for us. To this day, my father doesn’t know what Coffee truly is. Everyone is still stuck on tea.” Growing up…
Talia Goury
20th January 2021
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Asli Yalcn

Asli Yalcn got her first taste of specialty coffee in 2013, which was shared with her by her cousin Faith. She immediately fell in love and said that she wasn't sure it was coffee at all. For many specialty coffee drinkers, myself included. This is how we discover the world of…
11th August 2020