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Farnood Khodaei

By 18th September 2023No Comments3 min read

In the heart of Iran, a nation with ancient and culturally rich terrains, is a tale of dedication, challenges, and an unyielding passion for coffee. This is the journey of Farnood Khodaei, who transformed life’s hurdles into stepping stones, emerging as an inspiration for countless aspiring coffee professionals.

Farnood Khodaei

Farnood Khodaei

“I started my cafe journey back in 2018, beginning as a humble dishwasher,”

Farnood recalls. The allure of espresso machines quickly drew him in, captivating his spirit. “From that first year, with its allure and challenges, I knew this was my path.” Within a mere twelve months, marked by diligent learning and determination, Farnood transitioned from the shadows of the kitchen to the spotlight of the coffee bar. He wore the title of “barista” not just as a job role but as an emblem of his dedication and a testament to his profound love for the craft.

But Farnood Khodaei’s journey wasn’t just about self-transformation; it was a dance with external adversities. The growth and evolution of the coffee industry are far from uniform across the globe. While some nations flourish, becoming hubs of coffee innovation and entrepreneurship, others find their paths riddled with obstacles. Modern geopolitics, often justified under the banner of ‘democracy’, imposes economic sanctions that paralyze entire countries. It’s amidst these sanctions that ordinary citizens, like Farnood, bear the true weight of international decisions.

Despite the complexities of navigating a profession in such a climate, the resilience of the coffee community in Iran is commendable. They showcase a spirit unyielding to external pressures, a passion that remains untouched by global politics. Despite the hardships, the heart of Iran’s coffee industry beats with fervor and dedication. More people are united in the shared love for coffee, and this spirit transcends all barriers.

It was in this environment that Farnood experienced one of his most memorable moments.

“I recall participating in the Aeropress competition with a dear friend. We were the sole representatives from the city of Tabriz. The anticipation, the excitement, the culmination of years of effort—it all peaked when my coffee was chosen by the judges. I had not only moved to the next stage but had proven to myself, and to others, that dedication has its rewards.”

Today, Farnood not only stands as a testament to what hard work and passion can achieve but also as a symbol of hope for countless others in Iran and beyond. His story reminds us all that, even in the face of external adversities, internal strength can pave the way for success. As he pours another cup, serving it with pride, Farnood Khodaei’s journey continues to inspire, teaching us that in the world of coffee, as in life, resilience is the key.