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Savina Giachgia

By 26th September 2023No Comments5 min read

From the Shores of Greece to the World Stage: The Tale of Savina Giachgia‘s Rise in the Coffee Realm

The caffeinated world of baristas is more than just beans and brews. Each cup holds a story, an art, and a deep-rooted passion. Among these narratives, the tale of Savina Giachgia, a young talent from Greece, has been stirring hearts and cups alike.

Savina Giachgia, photo by Ground Media

Savina Giachgia, photo by Ground Media

Picture this: The World Brewers Cup, a whirlwind of scents, tastes, and the palpable energy of competitors from around the world. It was here, in the crucible of competition, that Savina encountered a challenge that would daunt even the most seasoned competitors. Forgotten were her essential filters, a critical element of her brewing presentation. But, in a serendipitous turn, and a testament to the warmth of the coffee community, Nicole Battefeld, another competitor’s trainer, came forward with the exact filters Savina needed. This poignant moment exemplified how, in the world of coffee, bonds often brew stronger than rivalry. Reflecting on that nerve-wracking instance, Savina recounted with evident gratitude,

“I ran backstage… and thank God she was there calm and smiling like ‘’oh, you’re so beautiful, it’s nice to meet you’’. I was so stressed that my answer was just ‘Nicole I’m in a hurry, do you have any sibarist filters?’ and just like that, what I needed the most was offered so generously. ‘Here, I have 10 filters with me”

However, this memorable incident was just one moment in Savina’s rich tapestry of experiences. Originating from Greece, her dedication and commitment echoed in the industry long before her global recognition. 

After finishing her studies in Speech and Language Therapy, Savina found herself at a crossroads, unsure of her career path. After exploring various fields, including sales, photography, and even beekeeping, nothing seemed to truly resonate. It was during this period of contemplation that she stumbled upon a coffee shop job, purely to make ends meet.

Little did she know that this seemingly temporary gig would change their life forever. The first taste of working in a coffee shop awakened a passion and a sense of fulfillment she had never experienced before. Determined to pursue her newfound love, she embarked on a journey of self-improvement, attending seminars on coffee and exploring different coffee markets worldwide.

For the next few years, she honed her craft, working in coffee shops in Larissa and Thessaloniki, Greece. Each day brought new opportunities for growth and learning, as she immersed themselves in the intricacies of the coffee industry. Finally, her dream job presented itself when she applied for a position as a coffee expert at Nestle Professional.

Savina Giachgia on the stage, photos from WBC

Savina Giachgia on the stage, photos from WBC

She has been with the company for the past three years and her role primarily entails conducting quality control in coffee shops, organizing coffee trials for potential customers, and managing various internal projects. 

“As a coffee expert, I am constantly immersed in the world of coffee, deepening my knowledge, gaining market insights, and sharing my passion for coffee.”

Achieving the titles of Greece’s Brewers Cup Champion and 2023 World Brewers Cup Runner Up didn’t just happen overnight. Behind her accolade was a blend of tireless practice, deep knowledge, and the guidance of her mentors, George Makropoulos and Yanna Rouliou. Emphasizing the rigorous nature of her preparation, Savina passionately stated,

“The compulsory round was a part of my daily training routine… It was the most challenging 37 minutes of the whole competition.”

Yet, the world of Savina isn’t limited to coffee alone. Outside the cafe, she’s a creative spirit, crafting ceramics and melding her passion for both coffee and artistry into her brand “One Drop.” Drawing parallels between her interests, she mused that both brewing and molding clay demand patience, precision, and a touch of creativity. Additionally, her spirit of adventure has taken her to various corners of the globe, each journey meticulously intertwined with coffee. “Traveling is something I really love, and most of the time, my trips are combined with coffee.”

Savina Giachgia's life

Savina Giachgia’s life


As her story unfolds, her insights and advice to budding baristas, wishing to participate in a coffee championship, stands out. “Never underestimate the compulsory practice, stay focused and, of course, love what you do every minute,” she shared. It’s not merely about brewing the perfect cup but embracing the entire journey with all its ups and downs.

What truly makes Savina Giachgia’s journey captivating isn’t just her meteoric rise in the barista world or her accolades. It’s the embodiment of her values: a testament to unwavering hard work, and the belief there is no barrier in the face of passion. As she shines under the global spotlight, her tale underscores the importance of a supportive community and the significance of having a dedicated team rallying behind you.

In a world where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee often intertwines with stories of ambition, passion, and camaraderie, Savina’s narrative is a heartfelt reminder of the magic that ensues when determination meets a supportive community. It serves as a rich brew of inspiration for every individual who dreams of leaving an indelible mark in their chosen field.

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