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Savina Giachgia Savina Giachgia, photo by Group MediaCoffee Stories

Savina Giachgia

From the Shores of Greece to the World Stage: The Tale of Savina Giachgia's Rise in the Coffee Realm The caffeinated world of baristas is more than just beans and brews. Each cup holds a story, an art, and a deep-rooted passion. Among these narratives, the tale of Savina Giachgia,…
Vasileia Fanarioti
26th September 2023
Mariam Erin Pinza Coffee Stories

Mariam Erin Pinza

A degree in food technology may seem like the perfect springboard for coffee lovers to dive into the hows and whys of the coffee industry, but Mariam Erin Pinza wanted more. We recently had a coffee chat with her on one of our podcast episodes. Mariam Erin Pinza, the UAE…
S2E4: Meet Morgan Eckroth, your friendly internet barista portrait of Morgan EckrothNewsPodcast

S2E4: Meet Morgan Eckroth, your friendly internet barista

In our latest episode, we had a chance to talk to Morgan Eckroth, the friendly internet barista, the newest 2022 US Barista Champion known by over 7 million combined followers as @morgandrinkscoffee on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. The barista competition represents an elevated version of what baristas do in their day-to-day work. “Competitions allow for a lot of…
2nd May 2022
Agnieszka Rojewska Agnieszka RojewskaCoffee Stories

Agnieszka Rojewska

Agnieszka Rojewska hardly needs any introduction! Three-time Polish Barista Champion and four-time Polish Latte Art Champion she became the first female to win the World Barista Championship in 2018 in Amsterdam. If she told that to her high-school self she probably wouldn’t believe it. Agnieszka, or Aga as everyone calls…
Wendelien van Bunnik barista storyCoffee Stories

Wendelien van Bunnik

Snobby baristas make Wendelien van Bunnik nervous. That might be because she’s just about as welcoming, enthusiastic, and encouraging as they come.  Wendelien van Bunnik Despite winning one world and two Dutch national championships in a single year, Wendelien continues to expand her coffee journey with an unwavering appetite to learn more. Not…
Tigger Chaturabul
21st April 2021
Orkun Üstel Orkun UstelCoffee Stories

Orkun Üstel

Award winning Turkish barista, Orkun Ustel tells us how he fell into the coffee industry by happy accident. Two-time winner of the Brewers Cup Champion of Turkey and professional barista trainer, Orkun Üstel always loved coffee. He is always experimenting and willing to learn more about coffee. To him, specialist…
Chloe Lovatt
27th November 2020
Carmen Clemente Coffee Stories

Carmen Clemente

“Even if my hands were shaking, I still managed to do a respectable job and become the new Italian Latte Art Champion” Carmen Clemente has always put her passions first. Even before she entered the world of latte art, when her love was cocktails. She moved from Southern Italy to…
Daniel Cusini
10th October 2020
Arsenij Kuznetsov Coffee Stories

Arsenij Kuznetsov

“First of all, my English is not great,” smiles Arsenij Kuznetsov. The humility coming from the latest World Coffee Roasting Champion is astounding. Hailing from the city of Novosibirsk in central Siberia, Arsenij began his coffee journey at the age of 16 in a little American-owned coffee shop called “Traveller’s…
Paul Wong
4th September 2020