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Savina Giachgia, photo by Group MediaCoffee Stories

Savina Giachgia

From the Shores of Greece to the World Stage: The Tale of Savina Giachgia's Rise in the Coffee Realm The caffeinated world of baristas is more than just beans and brews. Each cup holds a story, an art, and a deep-rooted passion. Among these narratives, the tale of Savina Giachgia,…
Vasileia Fanarioti
26th September 2023
Coffee Stories

Yolima Taborda Rojas

Yolima Taborda Rojas’ story begins on her parents’ coffee farm in Colombia called Finca La Vega, located in the small village of San José in the town of Amagá. (And that’s not even an exaggeration. She was born on the coffee farm.) Yolima Taborda Rojas is on a coffee farm…
Emma Niro
23rd January 2023
Coffee Stories

Julia Behlendorf

How Do You Spell “Community?”  C-O-F-F-E-E:  How Julia Behlendorf Discovered That a Career in Coffee is Not About Commission and Pay but Connection and Purpose “I’m trying every day to appreciate each cup of coffee - paying attention to a perfect brew, serving with a smile…” Julia Behlendorf is cupping…
Kenyatta Fishoe
20th January 2023
Coffee Stories

Süeda Emir

Gastronomy is the study of food and culture, the skill of preparing and serving rich or delicate and attractive cuisine, regional cooking methods, and the science of excellent eating. How does this relate to coffee? This is  Süeda Emir’s coffee story. Süeda Emir is using Aeropress This is the story…
Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran
17th January 2023
Coffee Stories

Helena Oliviero

When Helena Oliviero was introduced to the coffee world, she was initially using it as a stepping stone to becoming a bartender. She had started working at an Italian coffee shop in high school, and found making coffee to be “repetitive and lacking of skills.” Helena Oliviero She said, “We…
Emma Niro
9th January 2023
ArticlesCoffee Wristbands

Meet Adelitas Coffee Farm

The proceeds from our Coffee Wristbands donation at the World Barista Championship (WBC) in Melbourne, Australia will go to the Adelitas cooperative, a female organization from Tenango, Mexico.   The Adelitas Cooperative is a group of coffee women farmers who have been growing and producing coffee beans as a means…
Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran
28th September 2022