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S3E6: Meet Darren Meachem, the first Water Sommelier in Australia

By 6th June 2023No Comments1 min read

“Coffee paired with the right glass of water will dramatically change your experience…”

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From tasting his first Ethiopian – washed coffee to placing second in 2019’s Australian Northern regional World Aeropress Championship, Darren Meachem’s journey through coffee goes deep.

If you’re a coffee aficionado or simply curious about the fascinating world of water, this episode is not to be missed. Tune in now and discover the art of water tasting with Darren Meachem.

For more information about Darren Meachem and his work as a water sommelier, be sure to check out his Instagram. And if you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review and subscribe to our podcast to stay up-to-date on all our latest content.

Darren Meachem - The first Water Sommelier in Australia

Darren Meachem – The first Water Sommelier in Australia