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Coffee Story Archives - I'M NOT A BARISTA

Youngjun Cho

Hardworking, dedicated, curious, and funny, this is how Youngjun Cho strikes you when you first meet him. But behind his cheerful face and his beanies he likes wearing, there is so much more to discover about this special barista.  ...
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Enzo Fiore

Enzo Fiore coffee story
“Never underestimate a good cup of coffee paired with some good tunes”  Hailing from the country best known for its historically rich coffee culture, Enzo Fiore comes from Naples – the Italian city that is perhaps the beverage’s spiritual home....
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Angelo Segoni

My name is Angelo Segoni, and I am a simple guy, like many coffee people here, I have never been a big fan of nightlife, but always cherish good time with good friends and BBQ together and enjoy the magnificent...
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Melissa Stinson

Being personally fulfilled and recognized for my work is how I know I succeeded. Not worrying about who's not coming in and not worrying if the bills will be paid. My journey hasn't been easy. But through ten years of working...
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Massimiliano Mattone

Adaptability is the key to success. Well, maybe not THE key, but you could say it definitely deserves to be in the top 3 of successful tools to have at hand. Especially nowadays, when everything’s gloomy and uncertainty reigns in...
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Remy Molina

I'm 26 years old, and I'm a professional Barista. Around 3 years ago, I started working for the Specialty Coffee Association of Costa Rica, giving the Barista courses, something I love to do cause I'm helping to form future coffee...
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Catalina Gutierrez Ortiz

My name is Catalina Gutierrez Ortiz, and this is my coffee story. Catalina Gutierrez Ortiz I am from Colombia, living in London and Bogotá. Every Colombian is incredibly proud of being from a coffee-producing country. However, Colombian coffee consumed abroad...
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