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Coffee Stories

Bhopal Brewing Club

Recently we had a special interview with the three founders of Bhopal Brewing Club. How did a sailor, photographer and strategy consultant team up to make a positive impact in the Indian coffee community?    The Creation of Bhopal Brewing Club When Navneet and Arun returned from the AeroPress Championship…
Mollie Sprigg
17th May 2022
Coffee StoriesMoka Pot

Justin Piercy

Balancing being a father and running multiple coffee social media accounts, how does Justin Piercy from DaddyGotCoffee do it? Justin Piercy, from Ontario, Canada is not a barista but is a coffee lover with a strong drive and passion for growing his community. Justin's main job is working for a…
Mollie Sprigg
11th May 2022
Irina Sharipova and Olga SazonovaCoffee Stories

Irina Sharipova and Olga Sazonova

From baristas to business owners, how did Irina and Olga achieve their dreams and how do they stay motivated during difficult times? In our previous podcast S1E22, we interviewed Irina Sharipova and Olga Sazonova. They shared with us how they went from baristas to coffee business owners. They also explained…
Mollie Sprigg
9th May 2022
Coffee Stories

Shubham Ambre

Shubham Ambre is a coffee lover that has a passion for experimenting. As a specialty roaster from India, he strives to produce the best cups of coffee. This is his coffee story.    How does one decide to become a barista in the land of tea? India is known for…
Mollie Sprigg
4th May 2022
Coffee Stories

Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen is a barista from the UK whose passion stems from the positive social impacts of coffee. Michael was fascinated by the way coffee can bring people together. He told us “I loved the social impact around it”, how it can create an environment that people can share. This…
Mollie Sprigg
28th April 2022
Tania Villegas brewing coffeeCoffee Stories

Tania Villegas

Tania Villegas is a barista and actress from Mexico, we spoke to her about navigating both areas and her connection to coffee.    Tania initially was not going to share her story but her friends encouraged her. She sent it because if it resonated with someone else then she is…
Mollie Sprigg
28th March 2022
Coffee Stories

Hadija Kulaba

Hadija Kulaba is a barista originally from Uganda, who currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. We asked her what coffee means to her and what it’s like in her country.   She told us she wanted to share her story to empower women who want to work in the…
Mollie Sprigg
24th March 2022
Coffee StoriesWeb Design

Youngjun Cho

Hardworking, dedicated, curious, and funny, this is how Youngjun Cho strikes you when you first meet him. But behind his cheerful face and his beanies he likes wearing, there is so much more to discover about this special barista.   Youngjun Cho is a real “master of all trades”: he…
Nicole Hilton
9th August 2021
Enzo Fiore coffee storyCoffee Stories

Enzo Fiore

“Never underestimate a good cup of coffee paired with some good tunes”  Hailing from the country best known for its historically rich coffee culture, Enzo Fiore comes from Naples – the Italian city that is perhaps the beverage’s spiritual home. Within the city, there are numerous stories that revolve around…
6th August 2021