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Coffee Stories

Coffee Stories

Dhan Tamang

Growing up in village in Nepal, Dhan Tamang had little exposure to the craft behind a good cup of coffee. In Nepal, coffee remains an expensive and luxury good so it wasn’t until Dhan journeyed abroad to Kuwait that he experience coffee properly for the first time. Dhan Tamang In…
Louisa Campbell
22nd October 2020
Coffee Stories

Tyler Botts

Tyler Botts is a master of all trades; not only is he one talented Barista, but he’s also a ceramicist and digital designer. So how did he get to this point? It all started with one Barista. Tyler’s coffee journey started in his freshman year of college at the University…
Jennie H.
14th October 2020
Coffee Stories

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12th October 2020
Coffee Stories

Carmen Clemente

“Even if my hands were shaking, I still managed to do a respectable job and become the new Italian Latte Art Champion” Carmen Clemente has always put her passions first. Even before she entered the world of latte art, when her love was cocktails. She moved from Southern Italy to…
Daniel Cusini
10th October 2020
Coffee Stories

Mubirigi Maoussen

When asked what coffee means to him, Mubirigi replied with, “it is my life.” “I filter coffee, not people.” he considers coffee is healthy. Mubirigi’s coffee journey started in 2015, thanks to his inspiring brother, a humble and passionate barista. ‘He used to pay our bills at home while I…
Iasmina C.
4th October 2020
Jaja Ferrer CapiliCoffee Stories

Jaja Ferrer Capili

My name is Jaja Ferrer Capili, and this is my coffee story. Everything began when my husband chanced upon a pop-up cafe serving specialty coffee back home in the Philippines. I could still remember the spark on his face as he started to retell how amazed he was to taste…
4th October 2020
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Serena Falcitano

When asked what coffee means to her, Serena replies with one keyword: "Tradition". "It reminds me of my childhood," she elaborates, "of my grandmother's Moka pot." Twenty or so years ago, Serena Falcitano lived with her parents and grandparents in Bellizzi, a small city in Southern Italy. She fondly recollects…
23rd September 2020
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Priscila Pinho

Have you ever seen a cuter image? Probably not. But don’t be fooled by the bandaged smiley face; this woman is tough and has been exposed to some of the worst conditions imaginable in the coffee industry.  Priscila began her coffee journey as naive as the next person. She started…
Madeline and Jennie.
20th September 2020
Coffee Stories

Carlos Escobar

“HI, CARLOS ESCOBAR, COLOMBIA” From only knowing three English words to becoming one of Australia’s top Brewers, this is Carlos Escobar's story. Carlos had the privilege of being born into a coffee family, “I have been linked to coffee since birth,” he discloses with a smile. His dad is a…
Darren Meachem, Jennie H.
14th September 2020
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Khalid Almalki

Moving around the world to find the passion, this is Khalid, and this is my journey. Khalid Almalki sitting in green coffee beans (image by okacoffeeco) My name is Khalid, a trip halfway around the world romanced by the coffee capital of Australia. He dropped everything, traveled to Melbourne, and…
 Darren Meachem
8th September 2020