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Coffee Stories

Coffee Stories

Arsenij Kuznetsov

“First of all, my English is not great,” smiles Arsenij Kuznetsov. The humility coming from the latest World Coffee Roasting Champion is astounding. Hailing from the city of Novosibirsk in central Siberia, Arsenij began his coffee journey at the age of 16 in a little American-owned coffee shop called “Traveller’s…
Paul Wong
4th September 2020
Coffee Stories

Mauro Laruffa

My name Mauro Laruffa, the owner of Specialty Cafètiere, and this is my coffee story. Originally from Italy, Mauro has grown up with the coffee community.   In the 1960s, his Uncle bought a roastery to produce coffee for espresso blends used by baristas. From that, the family business was…
Rosie Cossins
2nd September 2020
Coffee Stories

Sara Zuluaga

My name is Sara Zuluaga Parodi, I'M NOT A BARISTA. I am a coffee grower from Colombia. I produce specialty coffee and own a micro coffee roastery in Medellín. I also work as a coffee consultant connecting international coffee professionals with solutions tailored to their needs in the Colombian market.…
Coffee Stories

Yann Ramírez

From Washing dishes to being allured by the aromas of Specialty Coffee to performing in a barista Championship. This is Yann Ramírez's coffee story. Yann Ramírez needed to pay her way through university. She earned a dishwasher job in a cafe then took onboard everything around and learned as much…
23rd August 2020
Coffee Stories

Uri Wollner

While juggling medical studies, 2 jobs and a young child, when Uri Wollner moved to Warsaw in 2004, he took a risk he wouldn't regret and opened his first cafe, leading him to become fascinated and hooked by the world of coffee.   Originally moving to Poland from Tel Aviv…
Amelia Mosawi
20th August 2020
Coffee Stories

Irina Sharipova

My name is Irina Sharipova, The coffee guru: competitor, judge, trainer, a Q grader, and even traveled to Origin. This is my Story.   Irina Sharipova El Salvador was the coffee that really switched Irina into Competition mode. The Flavours, acidity, and the complexity of this is what pushed her…
Darren Meachem
14th August 2020
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Asli Yalcn

Asli Yalcn got her first taste of specialty coffee in 2013, which was shared with her by her cousin Faith. She immediately fell in love and said that she wasn't sure it was coffee at all. For many specialty coffee drinkers, myself included. This is how we discover the world of…
11th August 2020
Coffee Stories

Claudiu Consferenti

For many people who have fallen in love with coffee, they describe the taste of amazing beans that captured their imaginations of what future brews could taste like. Some become obsessed with the scent, others become fascinated by the first aromatic bloom. For Claudiu, it started off with a job.…
Paul Wong
9th August 2020