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Paul Wong

Şahin Demirbaş

Barista Story
Share Share Tweet Share Everyone has a particular object in their lives that holds a lot of meaning for them. For some, it may be something that a loved one gave them, or a special item that commemorates a special...
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Arsenij Kuznetsov

Share Tweet Share “First of all, my English is not great,” smiles Arsenij Kuznetsov. The humility coming from the latest World Coffee Roasting Champion is astounding. Hailing from the city of Novosibirsk in central Siberia, Arsenij began his coffee journey...
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Claudiu Consferenti

For many people who have fallen in love with coffee, they describe the taste of amazing beans that captured their imaginations of what future brews could taste like. Some become obsessed with the scent, others become fascinated by the first...
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Nasser Mohamed

Growing up in an Arabic household in Bahrain, you could say that Nasser probably drank coffee without thinking anything about it. Everyone in his family drank coffee. After all, the Arabian Peninsula was one of the earliest birthplaces of coffee...
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Guadalupe Delgadillo

“In Mexico, there is a popular saying - coffee smells better than it tastes.” Or so Guadalupe thought. It took a local Mexican Guerrero double espresso with milk to change her mind. In the middle of a busy open market...
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Pinar Misirdal

“I am always trying, and I am always finding my way.” - ​Pinar Misirdal Aktepe, 2019 Pinar Misirdal's  journey to becoming the now well-regarded and respected first-ever female 2018 Barista Champion of Turkey had humble beginnings. Being a graphic design...
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