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Coffee Stories

Şahin Demirbaş

By 18th December 2020January 20th, 2021No Comments

Everyone has a particular object in their lives that holds a lot of meaning for them. For some, it may be something that a loved one gave them, or a special item that commemorates a special day.

Barista Story

Şahin Demirbaş is preparing coffee latte

For Şahin, it was a French press.

A simple French press that his mother brought home one day had him researching coffee brewing methods until the early hours of the morning. Inspired by what he found and read, he started ordering coffee making equipment and set up a small coffee bar in his home. Experimenting with his friends and making coffee in order to gain some experience. However, that only fueled the fire to learn more and he started looking around to see if he could find a way to learn about coffee professionally.

Just when he had almost lost all hope, he heard about a bar that was hiring help. He leapt at the opportunity of fulfilling his dream of being able to use an espresso machine. Through his enthusiasm and passion for coffee, Şahin became “head barista” in the short span of a year. He continued to rise through the ranks, becoming a business manager. Seeking to continually improve and wanting to still directly engage with coffee in his career, he left his position for a barista role in a second-generation coffee shop.

Şahin continues his coffee journey now and running this second-generation coffee shop as a co-owner. With his help, the coffee chain has branched out into 9 stores in 4 different cities in Turkey. He is also the barista trainer of all personnel recruited, as well as being an operations manager. He has trained 30 baristas so far with at least 20 of them becoming current active baristas.

Not only that, but he is also providing workshops to the public to spread the love for coffee. “It is an indescribable feeling,” Sahin says, “to tell people about the fascinating world of coffee.”

Şahin remains grateful to the coffee community for everything that he has experienced.

“Oh, the feeling of being able to drink coffee from the people that I have educated is explicable.”

And he is forever grateful to his mother who brought home that French press that started his coffee adventure.”

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