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Mertkan Kılıçcı barista roaster TurkeyCoffee Stories

Mertkan Kılıçcı

Mertkan Kılıçcı's story is a journey of passion transcending the bounds of a typical career path. It begins in the classrooms of an engineering college in Turkey, where Mertkan, a student of mechanical engineering, grapples with a profession he respects but doesn't love. His true calling whispers to him not…
Sinan Genc
30th January 2024
Jeremy Zhang, Founder of M2MCoffee Stories

Jeremy Zhang

In the bustling realm of China's coffee industry, a name echoes with admiration and respect – Jeremy Zhang, fondly known as "Captain" by those who have sailed with him through the evolving waves of the specialty coffee scene. His journey permeated with a rich aroma of diligence, innovation, and genuine…
1st October 2023
not a barista coffee storiesCoffee Stories

Mohammad Reza Khademalhoseini

Before Mohammad Reza Khademalhoseini was known as “the most prolific strategist in the coffee industry,” he was simply known as a hard worker and a genius innovator who could take any café from ordinary to extraordinary. This is the story of how Mohammad Reza Khademalhoseini rose through the ranks of…
Kenyatta Fishoe
20th October 2022
Estella ZuletaCoffee Stories

Estella Zuleta

Estella Zuleta is a coffee roaster from Colombia but is better known by her Instagram handle @ladelostintos. Estella began her journey in Colombia in 2016, today Estella lives in the United Arab Emirates. Estella Zuleta Estella Zuleta decided to take a course at SENA while she was living in her…
Mollie Sprigg
10th June 2022
Coffee Stories

Shubham Ambre

Shubham Ambre is a coffee lover that has a passion for experimenting. As a specialty roaster from India, he strives to produce the best cups of coffee. This is his coffee story.    How does one decide to become a barista in the land of tea? India is known for…
Mollie Sprigg
4th May 2022
Coffee Stories

Defne Ceyda Okay

At first glance, seeing Defne Ceyda Okay in her black platform Chelsea boots and countless tattoos all over – you wouldn’t suppose that she once dreamt of becoming a ballerina. Perhaps it is exactly this early experience of hard, passionate practice that provided her with the power to become a…
Marta Trzcionka
24th April 2022
Coffee Stories

Ömer Yildirim

2021 was a game-changer for the worldwide coffee community and Ömer Yildirim himself. This was when "hospitality" became the key. And this is when Ömer launched his speciality coffee roasting brand, bringing to his hometown, Bursa, the fresh breeze of Izmir Coffee Festival. He also became one of Turkey's best latte…
17th March 2022
Aslam, Sarah and MaxCoffee Stories

Aslam and Sarah Lee

Here’s a question for all coffee shop owners and baristas out there: Ever had trouble communicating with customers because you were unsure of their expectations?  Barista-customer interaction is a crucial cog in the machine, imperative to a specialty coffee shop experience. In a discussion between both sides of the coin,…
Maximillian Wee
14th March 2022
Coffee Stories

Pradyut Moona

Pradyut Moona is possibly the youngest roaster in Singapore, only turning 18 this year. Like many of us, coffee was but a hobby for him as a home brewer. It later became an obsession as he took up a part-time barista role at Quarter Life Coffee as it seemed like…
Maximillian Wee
31st January 2022
Marc CalaycayCoffee Stories

Marc Calaycay

Marc Ferdinand Lou Calaycay is a Filipino bartender turned barista, and now a coffee roaster working at Papa Palheta (PPP) Coffee – a pioneer of specialty coffee in Singapore. Marc’s early career lead him down the path of a mixologist, aspiring to establish his own coffee-cocktail bar back home in…
Maximillian Wee
16th December 2021