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Marc CalaycayCoffee Stories

Marc Calaycay

Marc Ferdinand Lou Calaycay is a Filipino bartender turned barista, and now a coffee roaster working at Papa Palheta (PPP) Coffee – a pioneer of specialty coffee in Singapore. Marc’s early career lead him down the path of a mixologist, aspiring to establish his own coffee-cocktail bar back home in…
Maximillian Wee
16th December 2021
Betty WeeCoffee Stories

Betty Wee

Brewing with grit and beauty: Betty Wee’s journey from graphic design to building her own coffee brand. In her teenage years, Betty Ween left her hometown of Miri in Sarawak, Malaysia. Her dad had found work in neighbouring Brunei, and the family was moving there to stay together. Betty had always…
Zed Wong
16th July 2021
Coffee Stories

Rory Ireland

Bristol Twenty Tea & Coffee Co: the story of three siblings and their determination in carrying on a family tradition Today, our coffee story is tasting a little different. Like many people who decide to add sugar or chocolate to their caffeine drink, we want to give our “barista stories”…
Nicole Hilton
12th July 2021
Coffee Stories

Oğulcan Torlak

Living in Turkey, Oğulcan Torlak has built up a prosperous career as a roaster- after hearing his thoughts on coffee, it is clear that this is the perfect profession for him. His first café job was where coffee turned from a regular drink to an obsession. Since then, Oğulcan has…
Vicky & Louisa
26th March 2021
Coffee Stories

Josef Mott

At the ripe age of 24, Josef and his friend from Business school paired up to take over a coffee shop in Hemel Hampstead, with absolutely no previous experience within the coffee industry. 10 years on, Josef is now a top roaster and SCA trainer with international barista experience. Josef…
Talia Goury
14th December 2020
Coffee StoriesTop Coffee Stories in 2020

Hrishi Mohite

First a Computer Engineer. Then, a McDonald’s Crew Member. Now, a Specialty Coffee Roaster. My name is Hrishi Mohite, and this is my Coffee Story. Hrishi Mohite All Hrishi wanted was to fill his time after college with a part-time job. So, he popped by his local McDonald’s. Three months later…
Sean Yew.
2nd November 2020
Coffee Stories

The Legendary of Shayli Mosalli

In fact, unlike most other coffee lovers, Shayli Mosalli has travelled from the intricate science of coffee to the deep love of it. This is her legendary coffee story. Shayli Mosalli was born and raised in Qazvin, a city near Tehran with a population of roughly 400,000 people. Her mother…
25th February 2020