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Bhopal Brewing Club cover
Coffee Stories
17th May 2022

Bhopal Brewing Club

Recently we had a special interview with the three founders of Bhopal Brewing Club. How did a sailor, photographer and strategy consultant team up to make a positive impact in…
Shubham Ambre
Coffee Stories
4th May 2022

Shubham Ambre

Shubham Ambre is a coffee lover that has a passion for experimenting. As a specialty roaster from India, he strives to produce the best cups of coffee. This is his…
Namisha and Raghunath
Coffee Stories
7th April 2022

Namisha and Raghunath

Namisha and Raghunath are a married couple who currently live in Mysore, India and run a company called Ārāmse.   We asked for a look into their personal life and their individual…
Tejas Jadhav featured barista
Coffee Stories
29th November 2021

Tejas Jadhav

Tejas Jadhav is a barista and an actor which is a very unique combination as one rarely hears about someone being a barista and an actor. He believes that the…
binny barista on bike
Coffee Stories
18th February 2021

Binny Varghese

Some people are coffee lovers, coffee connoisseurs, or coffee nerds; Binny Varghese is a coffee warrior. He’s known as “the barista on a bike” throughout India because in 2017, he…
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Coffee Stories
7th December 2020

Anish Kale

Not everyone holds a special, fond memory over their first cup of coffee. For some of us, it was just another cup of 'alright. However, this was not the case…