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Coffee Stories

Yann Ramírez

By 23rd August 2020May 20th, 2022No Comments4 min read

From Washing dishes to being allured by the aromas of Specialty Coffee to performing in a barista Championship. This is Yann Ramírez’s coffee story.

Yann Ramírez needed to pay her way through university. She earned a dishwasher job in a cafe then took onboard everything around and learned as much as she could. The noise, coffee, and atmosphere were buzzing and Yann was hooked… Then the scent of the coffee took over. Wow

Yann Ramírez

Yann Ramírez’s portrait

Yann is very focused on what she does, Her attention to detail was paramount in learning the cafe scene and developing her everyday skill. She would stay and learn, ask questions, watch others. Basically, do whatever she could to get better. On top of Yann’s list of favorite things to do, she loves dialing the espresso machine daily, calibrating the shots, and always tasting.

Yann had to show her passion and precision every day. This is how she learned, ask, and ask more.

”I am a woman with a vision, now I know what I like, I am passionate about it. I know that is what I want to do and I want to continue learning”.
Yann loved the flavors that coffee was able to have, seeing the reactions of all the people made her continue to learn and improve getting excited when customers were surprised about the coffee and what it can bring.

Yann Ramírez

Yann Ramírez enjoying her Latte

“Success is being able to achieve all your dreams and make them come true. I see myself certifying myself, competing, trying new coffees, sharing, traveling.”

Sharing the journey of the coffee value chain is very important as a barista, this is something Yann loves to do. She is always educating people that the coffee is more than just a cup, she shares the production, processing, roasting, and brewing to everyone. Yann loves to share knowledge.

As a Barista, she won the cafe championship; this was a huge achievement as she had only come from washing dishes to self learn what is needed to compete and prepare for competitions. Her Resilience to be perfect and her attention to detail was astounding, and this is what helped her with her results the hardest part was building her sensory technique and her individual flavor palate.

She also develops her sensory skills with roasting studies, cupping techniques, and improving her Barista skills. Reading, listening, and asking questions are the most important things that she does to grow. You have to learn and continue to challenge yourself.

Come and visit Yann and you will properly find her brewing her V60 with ​Mexico Oaxaca region being one of her favorites coffees. She also loves ​going to electronic music events, dancing a lot and having a great time.


Article by Coffee professional Darren Meachem