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South Africa

Coffee Stories

Tachooman Ngwenya

From Football player to barista champion Tachooman Ngwenya is from Zimbabwe and currently works as a barista in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has reached out to us to share his story as he hoped to inspire baristas and coffee farmers…
Zoe Gamet
22nd September 2021
Coffee Stories

Janette Mostert

When most people drink thick, fluffy milk foam on a cup of coffee, they end up with a #coffeemoustache. Janette Mostert ends up with a brand new canvas to create coffee art masterpieces.  Janette Mostert is not your average artist.…
Tigger Chaturabul
25th February 2021
Coffee Stories

Mbonisi Bamala

Not so long ago Mbonisi Bamala was ignorant to the joy of coffee and clueless of the monumental part it would grow to play in his life. Based in South Africa with Zimbabwean roots, coffee for Mbonisi was a distant…
Louisa Campbell
28th January 2021