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Zoe Gamet

Coffee Stories

Jesús Martínez

We are excited to share Jesus Martinez’s coffee story this week, a Venezuelan barista living in Portugal. Having spent only two years in the coffee industry, Jesus is still technically a newbie, but continues to grow everyday. After starting his career in the midst of the pandemic, he hopes to…
Zoe Gamet
12th October 2021
Tachooman NgwenyaCoffee Stories

Tachooman Ngwenya

From Football player to barista champion Tachooman Ngwenya is from Zimbabwe and currently works as a barista in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has reached out to I'M NOT A BARISTA to share his story as he hoped to inspire baristas and coffee farmers around the world. It took him a…
Zoe Gamet
22nd September 2021
A portrait of Moses NgomoCoffee Stories

Moses Ngomo

Today’s coffee story is short but sweet, and recounts the experiences of Moses Ngomo, a Kenyan barista working in Dubai. His story is one that will melt your heart, as it is a tale of passion and positivity. Having worked in the coffee industry for the last fourteen years, Moses…
Zoe Gamet
10th September 2021
Ashley Rodriguez coffee story I'M NOT A BARISTACoffee Stories

Ashley Rodriguez

Ashley Rodriguez, influential barista Boss Barista podcast logo Our coffee story this week is about Ashley Rodriguez, freelance writer, lover of coffee, and host of the Boss Barista podcast.  Based in the US, Ashley knows the coffee industry like the back of her hand. Leaving a teaching job ten years…
Zoe Gamet
13th August 2021