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latte art

Coffee Stories

Ömer Yildirim

2021 was a game-changer for the worldwide coffee community and Ömer Yildirim himself. This was when "hospitality" became the key. And this is when Ömer launched his speciality coffee roasting brand,…
17th March 2022
Fabio SartiniCoffee Stories

Fabio Sartini

“No one believed in me and what I was doing” Meet Fabio Sartini, a humble Italian barista who placed 1st in ‘LatteArt Challenge Caffe River’ and 3rd in ‘Coffee Relay…
Lauren Horton
27th July 2021
Coffee Stories

Ali Hasnain

My name is Ali Hasnain, and this is my coffee story. “Since childhood, all I knew was ‘be an engineer’; ‘be a doctor’. Those were the only acceptable paths set…
Talia Goury
20th January 2021
Coffee Stories

Anish Kale

Not everyone holds a special, fond memory over their first cup of coffee. For some of us, it was just another cup of 'alright. However, this was not the case…
Katie Rees
7th December 2020
Coffee Stories

Carmen Clemente

“Even if my hands were shaking, I still managed to do a respectable job and become the new Italian Latte Art Champion” Carmen Clemente has always put her passions first.…
Daniel Cusini
10th October 2020