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Meet Neda Mirzadeh, an inspiring Iranian Barista and creative Latte artist, who expresses herself through coffee.

Neda Mirzadeh barista story

Neda Mirzadeh

While Neda Mirzadeh finds that all aspects of her life have been touched through coffee, she often looks back at the first sip of good coffee as one of the most special experiences with coffee. She remembers it very clearly to this day. It was autumn and she had visited a café and was served by a proficient Barista. Upon seeing her satisfactory smile, the barista asked if she was happy with the coffee. She replied by telling him that this coffee was one of the most unique coffees she had ever had. She looks back to this day, not only for the first time she had a good cup of coffee but for how she felt by the hospitality from the barista offering her the coffee.

While in Iran, the common preference is tea, Neda pursues coffee as a profession. She thinks this was not really her choice, it was a passion that consumed her. Coffee became a manner of expression; it became a canvas for Neda to display and elevate her creativity. Being artistically active since childhood, and finding space to display her art, Neda Mirzadeh finds showcasing her art in coffee through etching to be her favorite part of her daily work.

While Neda works in coffee now, she also is a Graphic Artist and a Photographer. She has also pursued the Russian language. She finds great interest in cooking and thinks of it as an art. Neda has also been making Russian dolls and jewellery for the past thirteen years. She finds this gives her energy and enhances creativity towards her profession as a barista.

Neda finds that one of the biggest challenges she faces is, making her mark and finding her place as a female barista.

“My biggest challenge is to find my place as a female barista in my country and show my peers that a female barista can be successful in this profession with her creativity and feminine elegance.”

Keeping up with today’s science is another challenging aspect of Neda’s career. It is not merely knowing of the relevant sciences but implementing the knowledge alongside fellow baristas that she finds to be challenging. To try and mitigate this challenge, she devotes two hours every day to increasing her knowledge and studying coffee. She even tries to get help from her role model professors in doing so.

Neda Mirzadeh

Neda Mirzadeh’s coffee art

By interacting and sharing information with baristas from all over the world, Neda Mirzadeh is doing her bit in ensuring that everyone gets to keep up with the ever-evolving world of coffee. In fact, in addition to doing so, Neda has started barista and latte art courses in collaboration with prominent Iranian masters. She thinks of this as one of her biggest achievements and contribution in the world of coffee and has done herself proud. In doing so as well, Neda has gone through many experiences and found learning in them.

Neda is definitely a people person! To her, success is serving the best possible cup to the people:

“I do not know what problems people have when they ask me for coffee, so I try to pour joy into their cup of coffee. Choosing the best coffee and the love behind making it is my most tremendous success.” 

Neda Mirzadeh is making coffee

Neda Mirzadeh is making coffee

Looking back to the satisfaction she had with her first good cup of coffee, Neda wants to present this very feeling to every person, with every cup of coffee she serves; this is what she finds most inspiring. While her artistic and creative nature has led her to coffee and keeps her going, it is the people who inspire her to do so:

“It is the people who inspire me, and my artistic vision of the events around me encourages me to continue the path.”

She is keen on reaching people, and says that anyone who loves coffee, would feel the same!

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