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Angelo Segoni

By 16th June 2020May 17th, 2022No Comments3 min read

My name is Angelo Segoni, and I am a simple guy, like many coffee people here, I have never been a big fan of nightlife, but always cherish good time with good friends and BBQ together and enjoy the magnificent nature, mountains, and beaches. I guess this is just who I am. I hope one day I will be running a small coffee shop, living happily with my family as a happy coffee farmer somewhere in central America.

Angelo Segoni

Angelo Segoni

I was born in a small city called Pescara in Italy, and when I was 19, I had this strong sense that something big would happen in life, guessed what, I moved to London. As a guy who grew up in a small town, London was always that fascinating city full of opportunities, turned out to be one of the biggest challenges of my life.

My first coffee job was at Coffee Nero, which was not a place for specialty coffee, but where I became a barista and met genuinely great friends. Five years after, I step on the land of Australia, I moved to Sydney, where my coffee career began, and I found my life passion – specialty coffee. 

I still remember the coffee shop where I got my first great coffee – Coffee Alchemy, a small black coffee shop only sold nothing but single-origin coffee drinks. I could never forget that mind-blowing Guatemala; I was like a kid trying a lemon for the first time. I immediately fell in love with that unforgettable acidity and fruitless. It was like a turning point, a Northern star telling me “hey man, you found it”

I went crazy with specialty coffee, visited every coffee shop, and tried every type of coffee I could find. Nothing was better than discovering great coffee. Soon I got my first home espresso machine, stupid all the latte art patterns I could find, and practiced nonstop like a crazy. 

Hard work always pays off; I won the 2016 Italian Barista Champion. Until today, I still remember those crazy times with countless practices in the lab, those blood-pumping exciting times when you finished your day but still wanted to practice more, those efforts and emotions invested for the championship, the teamwork, stress, excitement, happiness, and all blended together became the most exceptional memory in my career.  Now I am working at a big coffee roastery in southern Italy; I enjoy my work as a barista trainer, QC of the, and a customer success manager. 

After 16 years, I am still that simple guy. Life outside the roastery is always beautiful before the pandemic; I quite enjoyed biking around and playing tennis and fishing. During the lockdown time, I was lucky to find a new passion – video making.

If you are in Italy, you can visit me at Edo Quarta Coffee Roaster, and let’s get some great coffee. I’M NOT A BARISTA, my name is Angelo, and this is my coffee story