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Estella Zuleta
Coffee Stories
10th June 2022

Estella Zuleta

Estella Zuleta is a coffee roaster from Colombia but is better known by her Instagram handle @ladelostintos. Estella began her journey in Colombia in 2016, today Estella lives in the…
Barista Kushal singh Bist
Coffee Stories
23rd May 2022

Kushal singh Bist

Meet barista Kushal singh Bist. When talking about Nepal most of us probably think of Mount Everest, high mountain climbing, and amazing nature. Some of us would note that it…
Define Ceyda Okay
Coffee Stories
24th April 2022

Defne Ceyda Okay

At first glance, seeing Defne Ceyda Okay in her black platform Chelsea boots and countless tattoos all over – you wouldn’t suppose that she once dreamt of becoming a ballerina.…
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Coffee Stories
24th March 2022

Hadija Kulaba

Hadija Kulaba is a barista originally from Uganda, who currently lives in the United Arab Emirates. We asked her what coffee means to her and what it’s like in her…
Ali Husnain 2
Coffee Stories
20th January 2021

Ali Hasnain

My name is Ali Hasnain, and this is my coffee story. “Since childhood, all I knew was ‘be an engineer’; ‘be a doctor’. Those were the only acceptable paths set…
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Coffee Stories
21st December 2020

Sulaiman Alalawi

“My name is Sulaiman, I'm a normal guy with big dreams and a strong passion for coffee. In the beginning, I was calling myself a barista, until I realized that…