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Haroon Zafar

By 2nd December 2023No Comments6 min read

Haroon Zafar’s Coffee Canvas: Brewing, Creating, and Connecting. In the fascinating realm of coffee aficionados and content creators, Haroon Zafar emerged as a captivating figure, weaving a narrative that transcends the boundaries of coffee, anime, and a mosaic of personal passions. Haroon’s journey, illuminated through the lens of our podcast, unveils a tapestry of dedication, experimentation, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence in the intricate world of specialty coffee.

Haroon Zafar

Haroon Zafar

Haroon’s coffee journey began when he was a teenager, experiencing a transition from the realms of instant coffee to the nuanced universe of specialty brews. His tale mirrored the collective experience of those who had embarked on a similar journey, drawn by the mystique of espresso brewing and influenced by luminaries like James Hoffmann.


“I love brewing coffee every day. It should not be excessive, but yeah, I mean, it’s a good thing to do. It’s good therapy for me, to be honest.” Haroon told us.


The palpable excitement in Haroon’s voice as he unveiled his equipment choices and the evolution of his brewing style echoed the passion that defined the craft. Encouraged by a close friend who noticed his passion for specialty coffee, Haroon hesitantly decided to showcase that enthusiasm on Instagram, despite being a relative stranger to the platform. And that’s how @har00nzcoffee was born.

Haroon Zafar's Instagram @har00nzcoffee

Haroon Zafar’s Instagram @har00nzcoffee

Despite his initial reservations and limited social media usage, particularly on Instagram, where he mainly watched specialty coffee and gaming videos on YouTube, Haroon embraced the challenge. Motivated by the mantra “where there is a will, there is a way,” Haroon, known for his unwavering commitment, delved wholeheartedly into the world of Instagram content creation. Despite being a novice in photography and lacking knowledge of camera terminology, he started with minimal equipment – a small, inexpensive light, and his Samsung phone.


His journey saw a rapid ascent, with his Instagram page garnering 35,000 followers in just six months. His decision to transform a personal account into a dedicated space for coffee content resonated with our own experiences of curating a cohesive and engaging online presence. The challenges posed by Instagram’s algorithms and the significance of a homogenous page were familiar terrain in the digital journey.


“Since I started posting a year ago in July, I realized the importance of research in content creation. Instagram analyzes your entire page, from the content you post to the pictures you like. It’s crucial for your page to have a cohesive theme, serving as a portfolio or visiting card. When visitors come to your page, they should find more of what initially caught their interest, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience. At the end of the day, making successful videos feels like a mix of hard work and luck. Consistency is key, whether daily or every other day, and your goals, be it monetary gain, acquiring equipment, or simply expressing creativity, should drive your content creation journey. Despite the common focus on making money, for me, it’s been more about the joy of creating; I’ve made only a few bucks, but it’s the passion that keeps me going.” he said.


Haroon’s philosophy unfolded further as he shared his involvement with the Espresso Aficionados Discord group, underscoring the communal spirit that unites coffee enthusiasts globally. Haroon’s story unfolded as a tapestry of dedication, experimentation, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in the world of specialty coffee.


From the intricacies of his coffee exploration to the challenges of content creation on Instagram, Haroon emerged as a storyteller, a connoisseur, and a genuine advocate for specialty coffee. The financial aspect of Haroon’s coffee journey added depth to the story. His emphasis on authenticity and transparency shone through as he shared that every piece of equipment he acquired initially was through his hard-earned money. The refusal of commission-based partnerships and the preference for discount codes showcased a commitment to providing genuine recommendations to his followers.


“Starting content creation requires a clear strategy—understanding your end goal is crucial. Art, in many cases, may not bring monetary returns; even the greatest artists often died penniless. If making money is your aim, pushing products becomes necessary, as companies won’t provide support without promotion. While it’s a tough decision, I’ve chosen not to pursue commissions, opting instead for discounts for my followers when companies reach out to me. I believe in providing value rather than focusing on personal gain.” he told us.


Haroon’s dedication to perfecting his espresso shots, guided by the wisdom of fellow enthusiasts, revealed a relentless quest for excellence. His choice of equipment reflected a connoisseur’s approach to coffee preparation. He acknowledged the challenges faced in a market dominated by mainstream brands and expressed a commitment to demystifying and making specialty coffee accessible. 


His dedication to building a meaningful connection with his followers, and personally responding to comments and messages, underscored a genuine commitment to the community. At the end of the day, Haroon’s story is one of passion, resilience, and a genuine connection with the global community of coffee enthusiasts. His journey reflects a profound love for the art of brewing, evolving from a teenager’s curiosity to a seasoned connoisseur. 


Haroon’s commitment to excellence, whether in perfecting his espresso shots or curating engaging content on Instagram, is a testament to the unwavering dedication that propels his success. Beyond the rich tapestry of his coffee exploration, Haroon’s story extends into the realm of authenticity. His refusal of commission-based partnerships in favor of providing genuine value to his followers speaks volumes about his integrity.


To dive deeper into Haroon’s journey, learn about his favorite coffee equipment and extraction techniques, listen to the full podcast conversation and don’t forget to check out his IG account.

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