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Travel with Coffee Wristbands 2023

If you have travel plans this year, this is a game that you’ll enjoy.

Coffee Wristbands is a charity program that connects the coffee community all around the world. Just as a wristband has no beginning or end, one donation encourages another, which inspires another, and the cycle goes on. In 2023, our aim is higher and we want to connect more coffee lovers in real life. If you have travel plans this year, this is a game that you’ll enjoy.


Humanity runs on coffee.

To promote the Coffee Wristband program, raise funds, meet new people, and assist coffee enthusiasts in need.


When you travel with a Coffee Wristband, you become a Coffee Wristband ambassador, aka a Coffee Wristband angel. You will be a part of the charity program; you’ll meet different coffee people on your journey, share wristbands with them, and tell them about the good things we are doing together.

You will be helping us increase awareness of the Coffee Wristband charity program and meet new friends.

What you need to do:

When you travel, your task is to take photos of you wearing the wristband with a local landmark, visit local coffee shops, meet baristas, take selfies together, tag us on Instagram, and tell us where you are and what you love about that place.

What’s up for grabs:
  • Your picture can be printed as a postcard.
  • You can win free wristbands from our next design.
  • You can win a cup of coffee from one of our partners in different countries.
  • Your photo and your journey will be uploaded to the coffee wristband world map.

How to start:

Enough talk.

Are you ready for the coffee journey?

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