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Melissa Stinson EVERYBODY'S BUSYCoffee Stories

Melissa Stinson

In the bustling heart of Chicago, amidst the historic streets of the Pilsen neighborhood, an unassuming sanctuary stands out – not by its grandeur, but by its soul. It's a space that boldly claims, “EVERYBODY'S BUSY”. But is everybody truly? Melissa Stinson, an entrepreneurial spirit, challenges this very notion through…
9th September 2023
Coffee Stories

Kevin Kaunang

Over and over again, we focus on how coffee enthusiasts and daily drinkers need to value the service received from baristas and everyone else on the coffee chain. What if the spotlight is on the coffee shop itself? From its management and how it is run to improving the livelihood…
Oluwatobifunmi Olaniran
17th February 2023
Coffee Stories

Wayne Shih

Coffee has been a part of Wayne Shih’s life for about 30 years. Today, he is the owner of a tiny coffee shop in Taiwan and is well-known for his content on his YouTube channel, where he has over 100K subscribers. Here, he simplifies complicated aspects surrounding coffee and shares…
Nathierah Fredericks
4th January 2023
Leo Ferreira Puzzle coffeeCoffee Stories

Leo Ferreira

5 years of Puzzle Coffee - Leo Ferreira on shaping the pieces of Tanzania’s specialty coffee community On December 23rd, Puzzle Coffee will celebrate its fifth anniversary since its inception in 2016. We spoke with Leo Ferreira, owner of Puzzle, on how he has been running his store on the…
Zed Wong
23rd December 2021