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Irina Sharipova

By 14th August 2020May 17th, 2022No Comments3 min read

My name is Irina Sharipova, The coffee guru: competitor, judge, trainer, a Q grader, and even traveled to Origin. This is my Story.


Irina Sharipova is drinking coffee

Irina Sharipova

El Salvador was the coffee that really switched Irina into Competition mode. The Flavours, acidity, and the complexity of this is what pushed her to know more. This was to prepare for the first time competition 7 years ago.

Competitions are what make things happen. She recently won the “barista league of Europe event,” and her team received a trip to Korea to continue on this competition.

She is a regular competitor, its the place to work on improving and also a Brewer’s cup judge. Why only compete when you can judge and taste some of the best coffee

Competitions are something every coffee professional should experience, Irina has followed the path to Volunteering, competing, judging. It’s an opportunity to connect with awesome people and also learn more to bring next time. Competitions are learning experiences. Volunteering at the SCA World of coffee was a huge highlight.

She traveled from St Petersburg to Moscow, looking for knowledge to prepare for competitions. Every step was a learning experience—many Cuppings many adventures with her coach.

Irina learned from being a barista the importance of the unique flavour and then entered to share the love of coffee.

“Being a barista is hard work, it is not working only with coffee, it is about working with people, being patient enough, and staying hungry for knowledge.”

Irina Sharipova at coffee competition

Irina Sharipova at coffee competition

Becoming a Qgrader was the real “A-ha” moment. Working as a Q grader moves the focus to the Quality, Irina works with the coffee along the supply chain to make sure it is of fantastic quality, she makes input and adjustments to the coffee along the path. This is a real impact.
The barista is only a part of that coffee journey. Irina is now a trainer and coach and loves to share the knowledge, she is in Quality Control and is always looking for the best. Focus is what is important for Irina.

The Kalita 155 is the go-to dripper and brew for Irina, This is one the can “brew beautiful balance coffee” every time. She is in love with coffee, what coffee can do, people coffee can bring together, and the power the one person can have on others over a coffee.

Total passion, but Irina is a frequent traveler and enjoys running “ recently finished a marathon” to stay healthy.

“I am really happy when I can travel, I also meet coffee peers! You’re not alone in this world.”

Irina loves learning and mastering languages, she could be a researcher is she wants to be. So make sure you chat with her when you can. She is very friendly and loves to talk about almost anything. Let’s all ask her the best way to brew the Kalita 155. I’m sure Irina will share some tricks of the trade

Article by Darren Meachem