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Mohammad Reza Khademalhoseini

Before Mohammad Reza Khademalhoseini was known as “the most prolific strategist in the coffee industry,” he was simply known as a hard worker and a genius innovator who could take any café from ordinary to extraordinary. This is the story of how Mohammad Reza Khademalhoseini rose through the ranks of…
Kenyatta Fishoe
20th October 2022
Sarah HanawayCoffee Stories

Sarah Hanaway

My name is Sarah Hanaway, and this is my coffee story. “Every year that I have competed, I set myself the simple goal of doing better than last time and to have come away learning something.” Sarah Hanaway, photo by Harris Competing can be an invaluable learning experience and Sarah…
Vasileia Fanarioti
7th December 2020
Coffee Stories

Irina Sharipova

My name is Irina Sharipova, The coffee guru: competitor, judge, trainer, a Q grader, and even traveled to Origin. This is my Story.   Irina Sharipova El Salvador was the coffee that really switched Irina into Competition mode. The Flavours, acidity, and the complexity of this is what pushed her…
Darren Meachem
14th August 2020