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Coffee Stories

Hany Ezzat

By 11th July 2020May 15th, 2022No Comments2 min read

Hany Ezzat

My name is Hany Ezzat, and this is my coffee story.

I have been working in coffee for the past 5 years, I started my coffee journey after moving out of a kitchen hand roll at a Turkish restaurant moving into the bar making a few coffees at night.

The person working there was very good at latte art, which sparked my passion for specialty coffee. I remember the first amazing coffee I ever had tasted like blueberries, this changed my view on coffee and made me dive into specialty coffee.

My day to day responsibilities involves going around to cafes that supply Ona coffee to maintain relationships with owners, quality control with baristas, and add value to venues.

COVID 19 transformed the way I look at hospitality, it forced us to change as a business. Upping retail games and cutting costs wherever possible, has made our business stronger than ever.

Emotionally this tough time has actually forced me to take a very well needed break from everything, my life was overloaded. I really had time to reset and fix my priorities.

Aspects about my job that I enjoy the most would definitely be sharing those “wow” moments with customers and baristas when they taste a coffee that changes everything.

Also inspiring and enabling others to be the best they can be. My favorite coffee moment is watching all my co-workers train for coffee competitions and taking them out along with a bunch of learning in between. Seeing other people succeed inspires me way more than anything else.

When I am not making coffee, I enjoy practicing handstands and gymnastics rings, climbing, basketball videography, and socializing with friends. If anyone wants to meet me – do it, I can guarantee really bad jokes, good coffee, great hugs (sanitize beforehand), and a great chat.