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About a month ago, we caught up with Tanty Hartono and Rivo Trie Septiadiguna, who, by that time had started making use of the donations made from the purchase of Coffee Wristbands. After Tanty met up with Rivo, they decided that the money would be used to obtain essential tools for the cherry pickers and 5kg of rice for each of the 20 people in Rivo’s area.

coffee wristbands Indonesia

coffee wristbands Indonesia

We received an update from Rivo as the coffee pickers purchased for the farmers have arrived to make cherry-picking easier and faster. This is in addition to the advice and assistance they previously provided to these farmers.


Tanty and Rivo’s gestures show that the Coffee Wristbands Program is benefiting the lives of people we may not know, but we drink coffee from beans picked by them. This is a transparent program as all contributors and partners can see the fruit of their support, not just mere talk.


This project aims to provide real help for coffee people in need. Real caring is giving without asking for anything in return – the main aim of I’M NOT A BARISTA.

Did you notice our wristbands at MICE in Melbourne? We had a handful of wristbands at the event with AREMDE and the barista league, but we only received 10% in payments. We want to continue improving the livelihood of coffee people from all over the world and we cannot do this without your help and support.


If you are interested in the new limited design, we still have a few left. You can order them on our website or that of our partners. The world may be crazy, but we won’t change our beliefs or stop what we do. Our mission to help coffee people in need has not changed and will not change, even if we have very little to offer.

Wristbands Charity Partners

Every little bit helps the greater good of the world, join us and help the coffee community.

Every wristband purchased enacts a positive impact on the lives of those in the local coffee community.


Check out our most frequently asked questions.

What is the Coffee Wristbands Charity Program?

Coffee Wristbands Charity Program aims to bridge you and your local coffee community, and the international coffee people from all over the world. Coffee Wristbands is a fundraising program that brings coffee artists together for collaborations on projects that give back to the coffee community.

How does the charity program works?

  1. The I’M NOT A BARISTA team supports collaborations with coffee people around the world by translating needs as we showcase their ideas, recipes, and designs
  2. We collaborate with coffee shops that share the same values as we do: to give back to the coffee community
  3. Together, we make direct donations gained from the coffee wristbands to baristas in need 
  4. A coffee person receives your help through a purchase made either from us or our partners which greatly supports the local and global coffee community

The profit obtained from the coffee wristbands purchased directly from I’MNAB, will go to the #tipabarista campaign donating individually to the coffee people through an international wire transfer. But all our charity partners are required to donate a minimum of 50% of the coffee wristband profit to their local coffee community, which means the profit will be used to help the coffee people in our charity partner’s city or country. We believe this is the best way to create a movement of Doing Good to help our local coffee community, and we hope we can inspire other businesses to do the same.

Can I trust I'M NOT A BARISTA?

To keep this program as transparent as possible, we build a special page where you can track what we do with the funds raised from the coffee wristbands.

You can track I’M NOT A BARISTA’s charity progress here We will publish the charity status and progress later, stay tuned.

Where does the money go when I donate to your organization?

If the wristband is purchased directly through I’M NOT A BARISTA, 100% of the profit goes to a barista in need, helping the coffee community. If the wristband is purchased through one of our partners, a minimum of 50% of your money goes to local baristas in need. 

How can I partner with the organization?

Interested in joining us? Access the application form available on our website, answer a few simple questions and choose the wristband package you are more interested in. Then send the application form, and become our charity partner today!

Is it available in my country?

We hope to share the coffee wristbands with all coffee lovers from the world. However, international shipping can be inefficient and expensive because of the global pandemic, we are working hard to find a solution to deliver our wristbands to your door. If you try to order from our web store and find no shipping option when you check out, please let us know.

Can I give my support if there are no charity partners in my country?

Absolutely! You can purchase the coffee wristbands directly from our website and 100% of your contribution will go towards baristas in need and the coffee community.

How can I make a donation to your organization?

If you like what we do here at I’M NOT A BARISTA, there are a few ways you can contribute.

  1. Make a direct donation here
  2. Make a purchase on our webshop here
  3. Become a partner and let’s do good together here

What is your organization’s mission?

To celebrate the coffee community by empowering baristas to reach their fullest potential. Read more about us here.


What is your return policy for opened wristbands?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any refund or return service. The Coffee Wristbands is a charity program, which means all profits will go to help someone in need. Return or refund will make it difficult for us to continue doing good. Thank you for understanding.

It's time to make nature our priority. Let's change the world together.

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