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Ewa MalickaCoffee Stories

Ewa Malicka

When most people think about touring different countries, they think of the landmarks, heritage sites, and tourist destinations deemed fit by people all over the world. Today’s coffee story introduces Ewa Malicka, who loves to tour countries, not for sightseeing but to experience coffee and coffee shops in place of…
Alfie SajirCoffee Stories

Alfie Sajir

“They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, ever heard of what teaspoons of espresso could ignite?” Perhaps, the Pitch Influence 2020 winner has answers. This is the story of Alfie Sajir. Alfie Sajir Alfie Sajir, a second-generation Moroccan immigrant based in the United Kingdom, has taken…
Coffee Stories

Mauro Laruffa

My name Mauro Laruffa, the owner of Specialty Cafètiere, and this is my coffee story. Originally from Italy, Mauro has grown up with the coffee community.   In the 1960s, his Uncle bought a roastery to produce coffee for espresso blends used by baristas. From that, the family business was…
Rosie Cossins
2nd September 2020